Apple’s iPhone 12 Mini May Feature New Design and Powerful Specs: iPhone 12 Mini Leaks


If we believe the latest rumors about the next event of Apple, it is going to be held on October 13, and the most awaited iPhone 12 is likely to be launched. The keynotes of Apple’s upcoming events will be announced soon. It is obvious that iPhone would be the highlight of Apple’s October event and right now iPhone 12 Mini 5.4 is turning many eyeballs.

It is confirmed by many reports that Apple would be launching our new iPhone 12 models in 2021. iPhone 12, iPhone Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max would be the successor of the iPhone 11 line up but a new small screen device rumored to be launched which would be called iPhone 12 Mini. This would be really popular among the users because with a 5.4-inch screen it remains handy without being too small at the same time. On the other hand, the price of this first 5G iPhone would be less than its sibling devices of 2021.

Many experts and rumors have suggested that Apple will offer the iPhone 12 mini at a significantly lower price than its larger sibling models. Prices are rumored to be around $649 to $749. Both the average perfect smartphone size and the price could attract a lot of buyers. Even those who have so far preferred to use the Pro model. Because Apple should only make a few compromises compared to the top class. So, the camera equipment will probably be a bit stripped down. The processor, however, should be the same as in the top model.

iPhone 12 Mini Would Be Small but Powerful

And in terms of design, the iPhone 12 mini should experience the same as the other models in the new series. If Apple still relies on technical equipment for the iPhone SE 2021 that is also found in the upper class, the manufacturer held back with the design. The result is thick edges above and below the display are strongly reminiscent of the Apple iPhone 8 from 2017. It could be different with the iPhone 12 Mini as there would be no thick bars, no fingerprint sensor below the display. The mini iPhone should be smaller than the current iPhone SE. However, the display would take up the entire front.

Many users were desperately waiting for a smaller iPhone device since iPhone SE and if iPhone SE 2021 was too big for them then iPhone 12 Mini could be the best grab.

iPhone 12 Would Have Completely New Design

Apple is likely to completely change the design of the iPhone 12. Away from round shapes, which have long been seen often, towards a striking and angular design. The iPhone 12 should be reminiscent of the design of the last iPhone, for which Steve Jobs was responsible. There are many indications that Apple is taking up the design of the iPad Pro and visually bringing the two device classes closer together.

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