Why Apple’s New Sports App Doesn’t Include the NFL (Yet)


Apple recently launched its new Apple Sports app, designed to be a one-stop destination for sports fans to access real-time scores, stats, and more. However, notably absent from the app is coverage of the NFL, despite football being one of the most popular sports in the US.

So why doesn’t the Apple Sports app include the NFL?

The main reason is that the NFL season does not start until later in the year. Apple stated in its press release that the app will add support for the NFL, MLB, NCAA football, WNBA, and NWSL when those seasons begin.

When Will NFL Coverage Be Added?

The NFL 2024 season is scheduled to kick off on September 7. So we can expect Apple to add NFL coverage to the Apple Sports app around that time, likely in early September.

Apple wants the app to focus on leagues currently in season. With the NFL still in the offseason stage, it makes sense to wait until games are being played before integrating it. That way, the app can provide relevant NFL scores, stats, schedules, and other key information.

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What NFL Content Will Be Included?

Based on Apple’s approach with other leagues already supported, we can expect NFL coverage in the Apple Sports app to be quite comprehensive once added.

Likely NFL content and features:

  • Real-time scores, stats, schedules, standings for NFL games
  • Customizable scoreboards to easily follow your favorite NFL teams
  • Play-by-play updates, drive charts, team/player stats, injury reports
  • Links to watch NFL games live on Apple TV and other connected apps
  • News stories, analysis, and video highlights related to NFL topics you follow

Essentially, Apple Sports aims to serve as a central hub for everything an NFL fan needs to follow games and stay updated on their favorite teams.

Why the Delayed NFL Addition Makes Sense

Adding NFL coverage later in the year allows Apple to focus first on leagues currently playing games. It avoids overloading users with inactive NFL information during its offseason.

Apple also likely needs more time to integrate the complex NFL media rights landscape. Deals with broadcast partners like Fox, CBS, NBC, ESPN/ABC, Amazon, and NFL Network will require coordination.

Finally, a fall launch better aligns with marketing pushes around the new NFL season. Apple can promote new NFL content in the app as fans shift their attention back to football.

So, while the lack of NFL content may disappoint some users initially, Apple Sports will almost certainly gain robust pro football features in time for kickoff 2024. The NFL promises to bolster the app’s roster of supported leagues.

What Other Leagues Are Currently Included?

For now, Apple Sports covers an extensive lineup of active leagues across many sports:


  • MLS
  • Premier League
  • Bundesliga
  • La Liga
  • Serie A
  • Ligue 1
  • Liga MX


  • NBA
  • WNBA (starting in May)
  • NCAA men’s basketball
  • NCAA women’s basketball


  • NHL


  • MLB (coverage already available despite season not starting until April)

So there is plenty for fans to follow on an ongoing basis. And the addition of major inactive leagues like the NFL and NCAA football will round out the app even further.

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Apple’s Growing Sports Focus

The Apple Sports app represents the company’s increasing sports ambitions. It already streams MLB and MLS games on Apple TV+, and reportedly bid for NFL Sunday Ticket rights.

Live sports are seen as a crucial way for Apple to boost subscriptions. So expanding its sports offerings makes sense from that perspective.

The Apple Sports app provides a central place for users to access and follow sports they care about across Apple devices and services. It may not have the NFL just yet, but once pro football joins the lineup, it will be even more robust and enticing for fans.


The Apple Sports app does not currently include NFL coverage because the football season has not started yet. Apple has stated that it will add the NFL in September 2024 to coincide with opening kickoff.

In the meantime, users can enjoy a multitude of other leagues. And the eventual addition of the NFL promises to bolster the app’s roster even further down the line. So while the NFL’s absence is currently conspicuous, it should fill a big gap come fall.

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