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Apple And Trump Releases New COVID-19 App And Website To Fight Against Coronavirus

COVID-19 app

As the cases of COVID-19 in the USA touches the number more than 1,00,000, Apple Inc and White House said on Friday that the company is working with some Trump administration and federal agencies released the new app and website for users who is struggling with the disease caused by the coronavirus. 

This new app released by Apple on the App Store with the name “COVID-19”. Users can download the app from the App Store directly answer questions about symptoms, location and risk factors and then provide the appropriate up-to-date guidance from the CDC, White House officials said. Don’t worry if you don’t have an iPhone; you will still be able to use this site from your Mac, Windows PC or Android phone from the official Apple’s COVID-19 website https://www.apple.com/covid19

Well, Apple said that it will not collect the answers users give to the app and website’s questions and that the answers will not be sent to either Apple or any government entity.

Considering the current outbreak of coronavirus, Apple’s headquarters have been under lockdown orders for more than a week. Also, Apple CEO Tim Cook said they have announced to donate 10 million protective masks too U.S health care groups. 

US President Donald Trump signed into law a $2 trillion rescue plan Friday to salvage the economy. The U.S announces $174 min aid to 64 countries, which includes $2.9 mn to India as well. Also, the US dealing a great pandemic of COVID-19 from among 1, 00,000 confirmed cases, more than 44,000 cases are from only New York. So the entire country is lockdown for a month, and Trump is offering $1000 to each member of the country. 

In this horror Coronavirus pandemic, Apple came with another help by COVID-19 app and website to help to minimize coronavirus pandemic. You can get every detail about the virus on the COVID-19 app and website. Even your support will be helpful for your government if you stay home and avoid any public distancing.

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