An Error Occurred Installing iOS 15.2: How To Fix It


It’s been a few days since Apple rolled iOS 15.2 update. Most of the users have installed the new update; some are still stuck at an error that occurred installing iOS 15.2. Hence, we have seen many complaints that iOS 15.2 won’t install on iPhone and iPad. 

Since Apple has added some fruitful features on iOS 15.2, users are keen to use the new App Privacy Report, Legacy Contact, Apple Music Voice plan, and more cool features. But they are stuck at an error that occurred installing iOS 15.2 update. Therefore, here we have some workaround to fix iOS 15.2 installation issues. 

How To Fix An Error Occurred Installing iOS 15.2

Workaround 1: Check Compatibility 

Many iPhones are still not compatible with the iOS 15 update. If you don’t see any new iOS 15 updates on your iPhone, your iPhone is no longer supporting the new iOS 15. Hence, you will not see any iOS 15.2 update. Before worrying about iOS 15.2 won’t install update, you should ensure that your iPhone is compatible with iOS 15.2.

Workaround 2: Check Wi-fi Connection

If your iPhone is compatible with iOS 15.2, but still unable to install iOS 15.2 update, you need to check the internet connectivity of your iPhone. The new iOS 15.2 comes in 600 to 800MB size. Therefore, you need to connect your iPhone to the stable and stronger Wi-fi network to install iOS 15.2. 

Workaround 3: Check iPhone Storage 

If your iPhone is low on storage, you will get trouble when it comes to downloading and installing the new iOS 15.2 update. The iOS 15.2 sizes will be around 600-800MB depending on the device. Hence, you need to check that your device has enough storage. If the storage is low, you should clear some space and install the new iOS 15.2 update. 

Workaround 4: Restart Your iPhone

After trying the above method, if you are still getting the issue, you can restart your iPhone to get rid of iOS 15.2 not installing the problem. Once you restart your iPhone, it will refresh the entire system and let users install the new iOS 15.2 without any stoppage. 

The Conclusion

These are the four working methods that helped users get rid of iOS 15.2 update. I hope this worked for you. If you know of any other solution, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment box. 

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