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“Airpod case not charging” – How To Fix It?

Airpod case not charging

Airpods are one of the most expensive additions to every gadget lover’s collection but what if they stop charging within a few days of purchasing? Sounds dreadful? Indeed, it is!! A majority of users have reported that their airpods case stops charging, leading them to big trouble.

There could be several reasons behind the same, including a faulty charger, incompatible cable wire, and more. So, if your Airpod is also not working and you have been stuck in such a mess, look no further and scroll down the page to learn the possible fixes.

Common Solutions To Deal With the Airpod Case Charging Error

Here’s the complete rundown of the practical solutions to root out the “Airpod case charging” problem. Try them one by one to resolve the error.

Get the Airport Firmware Updated

The very first thing you can do to get rid of the Airpod not charging trouble is to update the AirPods firmware. Companies like Apple and others always provide new upgrades and customizations, which you must update regularly.

Upgrading the firmware primarily addresses the AirPod charging issue. If there is a charging or internal technical problem, your AirPods will start to operate following the update.

Check out the steps below to upgrade your AirPods Firmware:-

  • Put the AirPods in their case and attach the case to a power outlet or a wireless charging station.
  • Connect your AirPods to your smartphone.
  • Move the iPhone and case closer to one other now while making sure your iOS device gets connected to the internet.
  • All available updates will be shown automatically by the device. Check for new firmware upgrades and install them.
  • Go to Settings>General>About AirPods to see these changes.
  • To verify the firmware and model number of your gadget, you need to go to About and then AirPods.


Try replacing the case

In order to fix the trouble, you can also take your AirPods to an Apple store and get them replaced. It is a time-consuming phase that you may have to pay for it. But you can get relaxed to know that your AirPods will be fully charged and ready to use the next day at work. Moreover, taking your AirPods to a service center ensures that they will get restored in the least possible time without any trouble. What else is needed?

Use a different lightning cable

The broken wire might be the reason for generating the error. When your cable wire gets broken, it prevents your AirPods from charging thus creating trouble. In that case, you can try recharging your AirPods with a different lightning wire.

You can check any difficulties with your current or previous lightning cable and if you discover a problem with the current cable wire, replace it immediately.

Never use extension cord for charging

Never charge your AirPods using an extension cord. This not only limits the battery life of the AirPods but also permanently damage them. You are recommended to take your AirPods to a service center instead of charging them using extension cables.

Reset the Airpod Case

Restarting and resetting your AirPods is the most effective solutions to fix the trouble.  When you reset your AirPods, your personalized settings get erased from the AirPods data.

It works by restoring factory settings to your AirPods case and resolving any faults and errors associated with charging troubles. For 15 seconds, you need to press and hold the circular button on the rear of your case.

When the status light turn orange and then white, release the button. The battery case will reset, and the charging issue should get resolved. 

Keep the Airpod Charging Port Clean

The dust particles that have become caught inside the AirPods may potentially prevent them from working. What occurs is that we neglect to close the cover of the AirPods and leave it open, allowing dust particles to enter and obstruct the charging area.

Tiny parts of dust and dirt may have gotten inside the lightning port connector and are hindering the charging process.

Clean your AirPods, use a toothbrush, a blow dryer, or a clean cloth. Wipe the port carefully with a soft cloth and try charging the case again. To prevent breaking the link, you must proceed with utmost caution.


So now you know how to take care of and repair your AirPods. This gadget is undoubtedly an expensive addition to your accessory collection; hence replacing them, again and again, isn’t worth it.

Bookmark the page right away and follow the instructions mentioned above to make the most out of your airpods. For more such information, stay tuned with us.

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