How To Create Aesthetic iPhone Christmas Home Screen on iOS 15

By Betty

Halloween is over, and I already started hearing Christmas bells. Every year, I set some Christmas screensaver on my iPhone to keep the holiday spirit on. But this year, I don’t need to look for it as I feel so thankful that iOS 15 allowing me to fully decorate my iPhone’s home screen in Merry Christmas style. 

Yes, we are talking about creating the beautiful Christmas iPhone home screen. From adding Christmas widgets to calendar to app icons to wallpaper to countdown and more, you can design your iPhone’s home screen for the best holiday season of the year.

Christmas is softer and beautiful, so why don’t you make your iOS home screen like a beautiful Christmas tree. Without further ado, let’s start the creative process!

How To Make Christmas Themed iPhone Home Screen iOS 15

Step #1: Get Christmas Home Screen Ideas

As everyone is waiting for the Christmas season, many igeeks already started creating some unique Christmas home screen designs. So before you go ahead to start the customisation, you can take a look at these Christmas iPhone home screen designs

Step #2: Get Christmas Wallpaper

There are plenty of new iPhone Christmas wallpapers available right now in HD quality. Your first step should be downloading and set the best Christmas wallpaper on your iPhone home screen.

Step #3: Get Christmas App Icons

As we know that Apple iOS 15 has the new option to customise and change app icons for iPhone, Considering that, we have already collected 100+ Christmas app icons for iPhone app. You can download them free and set on your iPhone home screen.

Step #4: Add Christmas Countdown and Calendar Widget

Once you have set the best Christmas wallpaper and app icons on you iPhone home screen, you can even make your iOS 15 more Christmas friendly by adding Christmas countdown widget and Christmas Calendar widget.

Step #5: Add Multiple Christmas Images

To make it look more enchanting, you can even add multiple Christmas images to iPhone home screen. With the help of WidgetSmith app, you can set multiple images to iOS 14 home screen.

All Done!

After following these above five steps, your iPhone will have the complete new Christmas style home screen design with your favourite Christmas app icons, widgets, images and more. Hope you enjoyed the post and created the best Christmas home screen design on your iPhone. Please do share your feedback with us in the comment section.

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