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3 DS Emulator iOS No Jailbreak 2023

3 DS Emulator iOS No Jailbreak

Gaming consoles aren’t a thing of the past, however, if there’s one gaming console that has garnered a lot of popularity over time, it has to be Nintendo DS. Among all the Nintendo portable consoles, Nintendo DS is no doubt one of the best.

If you don’t have access to Nintendo DS but still want to enjoy playing the games on your iOS device, the varying DS Emulators make it possible for you. However, most of the emulators available need jailbroken iOS.

3 DS Emulator iOS No Jailbreak 2023

This article will walk you through a list of the DS Emulators you can use on your iOS device without jailbreak.

1.      RetroArch

With so many different DS emulators available for iOS devices, one that stands out from the lot is RetroArch. What’s great about using RetroArch is the diversity and versatility of the features. You get to explore a lot more than just the emulation of a console game, which takes the cake.

Not only is it beginner friendly, but the platform also doesn’t involve a lengthy set-up procedure. All you have to do is download this emulator and get started with it. There are no complications associated with the gameplay at all.

Besides the free version, there is a Steam-authorized version available for download as well. It is hands down one of the best DS emulators for iOS devices. If confused, RetroArch is available for download via TweakBox.

2.      NDS4iOS

Another popular and comprehensive DS emulator for iOS devices that’s worth exploring is NDS4iOS. Backed with auto-saving features, the platform enables you to progress through some of the most challenging games in no time at all.

Besides the on-screen controls, NDS4iOS also supports peripheral controls for a more console-like gameplay experience. The only downside to NDS4iOS is the lack of availability. With newer DS emulators flooding the market, this one is gradually becoming redundant, so get it before it’s taken off the internet entirely.

3.      iNDS Emulator

Last but not the least is the iNDS emulator, which is another popular DS emulator with some of the absolute best features and functionalities. You do need to have an iOS device that runs on iOS 9 or above. If not, then the iPhone has to be jailbroken.

Since NDS4iOS is becoming more redundant, which is one of the reasons why emulators like iNDS emulator are gaining more and more prominence on the internet.


Emulators aren’t always legal but the above three options are available for free and they are legal to download to your iOS device. So, if you want to emulate the gameplay of Nintendo DS on your iOS device, these are the options you can rely on.

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