How to Get YouTube ReVanced on iOS

Devendra Chande

YouTube Vanced was a popular modded version of the YouTube app for Android that offered features like ad-blocking, background playback, and sponsor skipping. However, in March 2022, the developers of YouTube Vanced announced that the project would be discontinued due to legal reasons. This left many users looking for alternatives, especially those on iOS who never had access to YouTube Vanced in the first place.

Enter YouTube ReVanced – the spiritual successor to YouTube Vanced. ReVanced is a modified version of the official YouTube app that brings many of the beloved features of Vanced to Android users. Some key features of YouTube ReVanced include:

  • Background Playback: Allows you to continue listening to YouTube videos while using other apps or when your phone screen is off
  • Ad-Free Viewing: Removes all advertisements from YouTube for uninterrupted viewing
  • Customizable Settings: Lets you change playback speed, default video quality, enable dark mode, etc.
  • Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Mode: Watch YouTube videos in a floating window while multitasking on your device

Unfortunately, just like its predecessor, YouTube ReVanced is only available as an APK file for Android devices. There is no official YouTube ReVanced app for iOS. However, iPhone and iPad users looking for a YouTube app with Vanced-like features have some alternative options.

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What Are some YouTube Vanced alternatives for iOS?

One of the best alternatives to YouTube Vanced/ReVanced on iOS is uYou+ (or uYouPlus). uYou+ is a modded version of the official YouTube app, sideloaded on iPhone and iPad, that provides an ad-free viewing experience along with other enhancements. Some notable features of uYou+ include:

  • Background playback support
  • Download videos for offline viewing
  • Adblocking to remove ads
  • SponsorBlock integration to skip sponsored segments
  • Default playback quality settings
  • Disable age restrictions
  • YouTube PiP

How to sideload uYou+ IPA on iPhone or iPad

Since uYou+ is not available on the App Store, you will need to sideload the IPA file using a signing utility tool like Sideloadly, AltStore or Cydia Impactor. The easiest method is using Sideloadly:

  1. Download and install the latest version of Sideloadly on your Mac or Windows PC from the official website
  2. Download the uYou+ IPA file on your computer. You can download using this link. For the latest version you have to dig deep as GitHub has made it impossible to host YouTube app cracked IPA for the developers.

You can check its developer’s X (previously, Twitter) account: for the update.

  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer and open Sideloadly
  • Drag and drop the uYou+ IPA onto the Sideloadly interface
  • Enter your Apple ID when prompted and click “Start”
  • Provide your Apple ID password and complete the 2FA if required
  • Wait for Sideloadly to finish installing the app on your iOS device
  • On your iPhone/iPad, go to Settings => General => VPN & Device Management
  • Find your Apple ID and tap “Trust” to authorize the sideloaded app
  • You should now see uYou+ on your home screen ready to launch

Keep in mind that sideloaded apps are only valid for 7 days, after which you’ll need to re-sign them again using the same process. Just connect your iPhone or iPad to computer and hit the refresh option in Sideloadly.

Final Words

While YouTube ReVanced is not officially supported on iOS, iPhone and iPad users can still get a similar enhanced YouTube experience by sideloading modded clients like uYou+. With features like adblocking, background playback, SponsorBlock and downloads, uYou+ is currently the closest you can get to YouTube Vanced and ReVanced on iOS.

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