Why Spotify Wrapped Animation Isn’t Working on iPhone?


As the end of the year approaches, Spotify users eagerly await the launch of Spotify Wrapped – an annual personalized experience that provides a recap of each user’s top songs, artists, genres and podcasts. This recap is brought to life through colorful animations and visuals within the Spotify app. However, some iPhone users are reporting issues with the Wrapped animation not working properly or at all. There are a few potential reasons for this.

Spotify Wrapped Animation Not Working: Reasons & Solutions?

Outdated App Version

One of the most common reasons the Wrapped animation fails to load is an outdated version of the Spotify app. Spotify frequently pushes updates to the app, including some that contain critical fixes and preparations for the Wrapped rollout. If automatic app updates are disabled on your iPhone, or if the update release simply slipped by unnoticed, this can prevent Wrapped from functioning properly.

To resolve this, go to the App Store on your iPhone and perform a manual check for app updates. Install any available Spotify updates. The most recent Spotify version should be at least 8.7.78 or higher. Once updated, close out of Spotify completely, restart your phone and launch the app again to view Wrapped.

System Animation Settings

The iOS animation settings can also interfere with those utilized by the Spotify app. To allow the Wrapped animation to display properly, make sure the “Animations” setting under General Settings > Accessibility is enabled on your device. If animations or transparency effects are disabled at the system level, this prevents Spotify from leveraging these effects within the Wrapped experience. Re-enabling animations should resolve this.

App Reinstallation

An application reinstallation is one of the commonly recommended troubleshooting steps for a malfunctioning app. For Spotify Wrapped issues specifically, deleting and reinstalling the app can clear out any corrupted files or cached data that may be interrupting the animation.

To reinstall Spotify, find the app icon on your home screen. Long press on the icon until they all begin to shake. An “X” will appear in the corner of each app icon. Tap this X on the Spotify icon to delete it. Then open the App Store, search for Spotify, and reinstall it. Once installed, restart your iPhone before launching Spotify again.

Web Browser Access

While accessing Spotify Wrapped through the mobile app is the preferred way to view your personalized recap, you can still access a pared down web-based version through a browser. Open your preferred iPhone web browser (like Safari or Chrome), navigate to Spotify.com/Wrapped and log into your Spotify account.

This will display your top tracks, artists and podcasts in list form without the flashy animations. If you are intent on still viewing your Wrapped summary while debugging the mobile app issues, this can serve as a temporary substitute.

Account and Streaming Requirements

In addition to the app troubleshooting steps outlined above, ensure your account meets Spotify’s requirements for accessing Wrapped content in the first place. To qualify, you need to have a registered Spotify Free or Premium account. Guests and non-registered users unfortunately do not have access.

Additionally, you must have actively listened to audio content for a minimum of 30 tracks totaling at least 5 unique artists, with each track stream being at least 30 seconds long. Failure to meet these streaming requirements over the eligibility period (Jan 1st – Oct 31st) results in limitations to your Wrapped content availability.

Contact Spotify Support

If you have attempted all troubleshooting suggestions and are still unable to view your personalized Spotify Wrapped animation, your last resort is to contact Spotify Support. Explain the issues you are encountering on your iPhone app along with the steps attempted to resolve it. Provide specific details like iOS version, Spotify app version, and iPhone model.

With this information, Spotify Support can further diagnose the issue and determine if it is either a device-specific compatibility problem or a wider software issue affecting multiple users. Provide any logs or screenshots requested to assist with troubleshooting. Spotify can also confirm if your account meets streaming eligibility and offer alternative access options if available.


While Spotify Wrapped aims to provide a consistent and engaging experience across all users, problems can occur preventing proper loading on certain devices. We tried our best to give each working solution to this issue. We hope that above methods worked for your, if it did not work you can contact Spotify’s customer support provides an alternative route to either accessing your recap or getting the problem properly investigated on your behalf.

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