Why Is Junk Mail Going to My Inbox iPhone?


We have heard important emails often being pushed to the Junk or Spam folder on our smartphones. It happens way more than we’d like to admit.

But, what happens when it is the other way around? Recently, Outlook users complained that their junk mail is going to the main inbox on their iPhones, creating a mess of things. Many users report this as a consequence of the “Junk Filter” not working as it should.

If you woke up to your Microsoft Outlook junk mail going to the inbox, be assured that you aren’t alone. This article will walk you through all the information we have on this until now.

Where did it Start?

The “Junk Mail going to my Inbox” mess started with Twitter user @bdsams, who posted a screenshot of their Inbox, which was filled with junk.

This included emails consisting of random numbers, advertisements, promotional content, etc. What this did was push all the primary emails and the important ones on the iPhone to the bottom.

The Twitter user who shared the screenshot of their Inbox reported that this mess seemed like a phishing attempt.

Following the first tweet, several other Twitter users, including Tom Warren from The Verge came together to confirm the issue.

Is There a Fix for the Issue?

The issue seems to be prevalent in Microsoft Outlook only. So, if you use Gmail, you shouldn’t have to worry right now.

But, the worst part of this problem and the dysfunctionality of the spam filter is that Microsoft hasn’t shed any light on the issue yet. They haven’t addressed the problem yet, and there are no reports as to how or when the problem will be fixed.


If you are noticing your Outlook inbox getting filled with junk messages and emails, we’d recommend staying on high alert. Avoid clicking on any of these emails, especially the links present in them until Microsoft provides the users with a concrete fix for the issue.

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