Why Does Siri Sound Weird After IOS 15 Update?

By Gustavo

There is no doubt that iOS 15 is one of the best updates since it has the new FaceTime SharePlay, redesigned Safari, Live Text, and more outstanding features for iPhone users. Even Siri upgraded with some new voices and languages. But for some users, Siri sounds weird on iOS 15 update.

A Siri sound is also weird on AirPods. With every new iOS update, Siri has become very fluent and sharper than earlier. But for some users, Siri sounds robotic on iOS 15, so people ask why Siri sounds weird after iOS 15 update.

Why Does Siri Sound Weird in iOS 15?

When users try to command Sir via AirPods, the Siri voice becomes robotic automatically. And the Siri also sounds automatically becoming robotic and normally on iPhone in iOS 15.

How To Fix Siri Sound Weird iOS 15

Here we have explained multiple solutions to fix the Siri sounds problem on iOS 15. Let’s try one by one.

Solution 1: Reset Siri Sound

The new iOS 15 has six new accents and two voice options. If Siri sounds robotic or weird on iPhone, user can reset Siri sound from the Settings app. To reset Siri sound, go Settings > Siri & Search > Siri Voice > American > select Voice from four options.

Solution 2: Turn Low Power Mode Off

When the user puts iPhone in Low Power Mode, it also shuts down some functions and background running apps. It also makes Siri sounds weird for some users. Hence, it would help if you made sure that Low Power Mode is turned off.  Let’s find out how to disable it; go to Settings > Battery > Turn toggle OFF next to Low Power Mode.

Solution 3: Check Siri Sound Storage

As we know that Siri has six accents and two voice options, iPhone should have at least 150 MB to 500 MB to save Siri audio files, including voice options and accents. So make sure that your iPhone has at least 500 MB of storage on saving the Siri files.

Solution 4: Check Update

If the Siri sound weird is a global issue on iOS 15, we can expect Apple’s new minor iOS 15 update. Hence, you should check in the Settings under General to see the new Software Update. If the new update is available, then download and install it.

Final words

These are the four working solutions you can try to fix Siri’s weird sound problem on iOS 15. You can restart your iPhone to fix the issue. If you have tried any other solution and it worked, please share your comment box. Which of the above method worked for you? Drop your feedback below.

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