Why Apple blocks a ChatGPT-based app


Apple’s App Store provides millions of apps to its users, offering a plethora of ways to enhance their online experience. However, not every software is accepted by Apple, and some are turned down for various reasons. Recently, a controversy erupted in the industry regarding Apple’s decision to block a chat application based on ChatGPT, a renowned language model created by OpenAI. Many people are curious about why Apple made this move. In this article, we will take a look at why Apple blocks a ChatGPT-based app and why. Let’s get started, shall we?

Which ChatGPT-Based App Has Been Blocked by Apple?

Apple has banned an update to BlueMail, an email client that makes use of ChatGPT, a modified version of OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model. The ban was imposed due to concerns over the app’s AI-powered ability to produce content unsuitable for minors who may use the app.

Why Did Apple Ban BlueMail?

The latest version of BlueMail utilizes ChatGPT to automate the process of writing emails based on the user’s past emails and calendar. According to an email seen by the Journal from Apple’s app review team, the app appears to lack content screening, which is why it is proposing stricter age limits.

The new AI-based upgrade in the email software BlueMail has raised concerns that it may expose users to inappropriate content, leading to the ban by Apple. Ben Volach, the co-founder of BlueMail creator Blix, claims that Apple suppressed a ChatGPT-supported feature that was included in the update.

Apple Blocks ChatGPT-Based BlueMail Update: Everything You Need to Know

According to Volach, the iPhone manufacturer justified its decision by citing the need for age discretion in AI-generated content. The company claimed that a 17+ age limit was necessary because AI-generated content could potentially produce material that is unsuitable for children of that age. “Your app features AI-generated material but does not appear to have content screening at this moment,” the company informed Volach.

Volach alleges that the App Store does not provide developers with a level playing field and that Apple is unjust to his company. “Fairness is what we seek,” he continued. “If we are required to be 17 or older, others should also be required to be.” The developer hopes that Apple will adopt an open and equitable approach toward everyone.

A 9to5mac article claims that the latest version of BlueMail has an AI capability that can search through previous emails and extract content for use in new emails. This technique is based on OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which has been quite popular in recent months.

Apple has stated that it is investigating the situation at present. The company has emphasized that any App Review Board decisions can be appealed by developers. However, Apple has declined to comment on Blix’s allegations that other AI-based apps have been accepted on the App Store without age limits.


In conclusion, Apple’s decision to block the ChatGPT-based BlueMail update was based on concerns over AI-generated content’s potential to expose minors to inappropriate material. Apple’s actions have raised questions about fairness in the App Store’s approval process. Despite this, developers can appeal App Review Board decisions. As technology advances, it is essential for companies to maintain ethical standards and ensure that users’ safety and privacy are not compromised.

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