Where Can I Download Music With Album Covers For My Mac?

Vineet Maheshwari

Having internet-free music on your phone is a treat. There’s nothing quite like scrolling through your library to find the perfect throwback to put on and listen to. It allows you to listen to songs no matter where you are in the world and whether or not you’ve got data.

However, there’s usually one thing that comes with music that isn’t directly purchased from Apple Music, the fact that you will have to deal with that not-so-aesthetic gray music symbol where the album art should be.

No one wants to see that gray music symbol, absolutely no one. Even if this doesn’t bother you right now, once iOS 16 rolls around, it will.

That’s because the iOS 16 screen will adapt to the music being played using the album art cover!

Now that’s a way to elevate your listening experience! But if you don’t purchase each track through Apple Music, you won’t be able to be a part of it. On the other hand, if you do purchase all of your music, you’ll end up running quite a hefty bill.

Neither of those options sounds fun.

That’s why you need to make use of a way that you can download all the tracks you want without having to pay extensive bills and still have the relevant album art!

There are two ways you can do this. One is to add the artwork to music. This can be music you already had in your library or the music you’ve just downloaded. The other is to download music that already has the album cover option available. We’ll be going over both options here.

Add Artwork to Existing Music

If like most of us, you’ve got years of playlists just accumulating over the years, you’ve probably got an extensive library already. Chances are that most of that library is artwork-less.

The good thing is that problem can be fixed; it’s just a bit of a long process. Although totally doable.

For this one, you have to individually find the songs that you want to add the cover art too. Once you do, right-click on it to open up the menu for that particular song.

In the menu, scroll until you find the “Info” option and hover over it. Another side menu will open up where you’ll see the option of “Artwork”. Click on that.

Now, an “Open Image” option will appear.

This is where you add your desired artwork to the song.

For that, though, you will need to have the artwork already saved on your phone. That means that for every song, you will have to go find the appropriate artwork and add it to the songs individually. The process is fairly simple, but it ends up taking a really long time.

The time that not a lot of people have.

That’s time that you could save if you download the songs with the album cover already there. 

Download Music With the Album Cover

If you’re trying to get all the matching album covers for each of the songs in your library, doing everything manually will take an eternity. You will have to save all of the album arts and add them to the songs separately, which requires a lot of effort.

But the good thing is that there’s a way to bypass all that extra work. You can download music with the album cover, by using a program that automates the entire process for you.

This program does it all. It allows you to search through 60 media platforms, including the main players in the industry like YouTube and SoundCloud, so no matter what type of music you like, you can get it on your devices; however you want!

To download music with the album cover, download SYC PRO. Once the download is complete, install it and run the program.

The main homepage of the app will open up. With the way this app is designed, you’ll be able to figure your way around it in no time. It’s super simple to use. Just use the search bar at the top to find the particular song you’re looking for, and select it once the right option shows up.

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