When Is Dominion iOS App Coming?


Dominion is a popular deck-building card game designed by Donald X. Vaccarino and published by Rio Grande Games in 2008. It has seen expansions over the years and remains a staple board game for many.

It has a loyal following across platforms like board games, online play, and mobile apps. The dominion iOS app has been in development for several years, with users eagerly awaiting its full release. The iOS app has been highly anticipated, but its release has faced delays.Here is a comprehensive look at the latest updates.

Timeline of the iOS App

Work first began on the dominion iOS app years ago. In December 2021, the app entered a TestFlight beta, allowing limited users to test it out. However, the 10,000 slot beta filled up quickly according to Reddit threads.

Over 2022 and into 2023, Temple Gates continued squashing bugs and adding features, with the goal of reaching a full release. As of February 2024, the app remains in beta. Recent comments from the developers on Reddit state they are getting “very close” and the “next patch” will hopefully be what gets submitted for store approval.

So in summary, the iOS app has been in development for over 2 years, with an initial beta release over 2 years ago. It remains in a limited beta state due to Apple’s TestFlight restrictions.

Current State of the Beta

For those lucky enough to gain access to the TestFlight beta, the app offers solo play against AI opponents across all released expansions. It also features online multiplayer, tournaments, rankings, and more.

Reviews from beta testers have been positive. The app has been called “great to use, very smooth and intuitive.”. The AI also seems to pose quite a challenge, with some veteran players still struggling to beat the “Hard” AI.

So for those with access, the beta offers a full-featured Dominion experience. However, the limited beta slots mean most interested players are still waiting on the sidelines.

Release Date Speculation

As for when the full iOS app will release, speculation abounds but concrete details remain elusive. Developing and publishing iOS apps involves many moving parts between Apple, the developers, translations, expansions, and more.

Temple Gates stated a few months ago they are “days away” from submitting the next big patch for store approval. The approval process itself tends to take variable amounts of time.The developer’s reply on a Reddit postsays:

“We’re ‘days’ away from the next patch, which if everything goes smoothly will be the build we submit to all the stores for release. The approval process takes a variable amount of time (and normally higher during the holiday) which will probably put the release coming in January.”

However, January is over and I think the Apple App Store may be taking longer to review the app submission. Dominion Android app is expected to be released on February 1, 2024, and if all goes smoothly for iOS, a reasonable speculation would be the app releases within the first half of 2024. However, only the developers know the true timeline. Users eagerly wait in hopes the years-long wait concludes soon.

What to Expect from the iOS Release

When the dominion app eventually releases for iOS, what can users expect?

Full Access

The biggest change will simply be opening the app to all iOS users. No more disappointing “beta full” messages. Players new and old can finally access the app and all its features.

Multiplayer Growth

A wider release should also grow the online player base. More players means faster matchmaking and bigger tournaments. For competitive players, this is an exciting prospect.

Additional Languages

The developers mentioned integrating French and German translations prior to release. Support for additional languages makes the app accessible to more users.

Ongoing Improvements

Like any app, development will continue post-release. Expect regular updates addressing bugs, balance issues, and adding quality of life improvements. An engaged dev team and player base should keep the app evolving for years.

Possible Android App Parity

For Android users, the app is already available outside of beta. However, the iOS and Android versions have not yet reached feature parity. The full iOS launch may finally bring the apps level.

Wrap Up

The dominion iOS app remains highly anticipated by fans of the classic deck-building game. Years of development have led to a polished beta version, albeit with limited access.

Temple Gates continues working towards full release, expected sometime in 2024. When it does launch, players can enjoy multiplayer Dominion on the go complete with rankings, tournaments, and more.

The app already supports solo play against adjustable AI. Ongoing updates will further improve balance and add new features over time. It may finally bring the iOS and Android apps to parity as well.

For now, the wait continues. But fans comfort themselves knowing this latest attempt at a Dominion app already looks far more promising than previous efforts. The day draws nearer when these virtual kingdom cards shuffle once more across iPhone screens everywhere.

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