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Apple recently released iOS 16 beta 2 and currently only developers can access this beta version of iOS 16. Apple has said that the public beta for the same would be available in July. iOS 16 beta 2 was released together with iPadOS 16 beta 2, watchOS 9 beta 2, tvOS 16 beta 2, macOS 13 Ventura beta 2, and HomePodOS 16 beta 2. All of things are now accessible for developers only. This specific version came in at 1.83 gigabytes and was under 2 gigabytes on all of the devices, so it’s not a massive update, but it does have some substantial improvements. Let’s go ahead and check out what’s new!

  • In beta 2, there are several new lock screen and wallpaper choices. For example, when customizing a photo on the lock screen, you may now choose between dual tone and colour wash overlay options to vary the aesthetic of the photo.
  • If you open the settings app, you’ll notice that the wallpaper area has been improved to make it simpler to customize the various Wallpapers that you select on your home screen and lock screen.
  • There are new customizer choices under the lock screen and home screen options to emphasize that there are settings that may be altered when you select your look.
  • If you use the astronomy wallpaper for your lock screen, you’ll now see a green dot to indicate you your current location. Speaking of lock screens, if you merely want to erase one that you recently created, you can easily do so by simply swiping up.
  • Within the messaging app according to Apple’s release notes, developers may divide receiving SMS messages from unknown numbers into 12 subcategories, including transaction and marketing categories, enabling better organization of messages from specific US carriers.
  • Data adds the report garbage feature in iOS 16 to allow users to report SMS as junk. Users of the iPhone and iPad may now back up their devices using an LTE cellular connection in addition to 5G or WiFi connection.
  • When capturing a screenshot, you may now save it to Quicknote, which now joins saved photo files, or delete it.
  • In this beta 2 update for iOS 16, we have the addition of health kits support as well as the new running workout metrics that Apple announced at WWDC. Workout metrics include running power ground contact time vertical oscillation running speed and stride length.

These are some of the new features that Apple has to offer with a new beta 2 update for iOS 16. One thing to keep in mind is that iOS 16 beta 2 was most likely done and ready before WWDC ever began. Apple completes beta versions many weeks ahead of time for internal testing before making them available to developers. This implies that if we have particular issues, changes or problem, we shouldn’t expect any improvements until at least beta 3. Of course, let us know in the comments below if there are any other features that we might have missed.

Until next time, with another topic. Till then, Toodles.

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