What’s New On iOS 14 Beta 2?


It’s been two months since the iOS 14 beta 1 released at the WWDC, and now the Apple released the iOS 14 Beta 2 with more upgrades to fix some bugs and add some new features as well. If you are wondering what’s new on iOS 14 beta 2, then here have covered the full article with every new feature of iOS 14 beta 2.

If you are already running the iOS 14 beta 1 with the developer account then you will be able to quickly download and install iOS 14 beta 2 on your iPhone by following below steps:

  • Firstly, go to the Settings app.
  • Secondly, choose General.
  • Thirdly, you need to select Software Update.
  • Fourthly, here you can see the new iOS 14 beta 2 with the build number 18A5319i. If it’s available, then you can install it, and if you don’t see any update, then you will have to keep checking it until you find the new update.

Still, there is o news about the iOS 14 public beta, but it’s expected around July 12. Until that you can try the iOS 14 developer beta on your iPhone.

If you have installed the new iOS 14 beta 2 on your iPhone, then check out the below points to find out new features of iOS 14 beta 2.

iOS 14 beta 2 Features

  • While playing Audio, you will not be able to install the new update on your iPhone as Apple informed that “This update cannot be installed while audio is playing.”
  • The new iOS 14 beta 2 includes a new icon for the calendar app.
  • There are small reminder widget now appears as the task, not the count.
  • The Files app now has the widget option to “quick access files you’ve recently opened.”
  • The new beta also has the new settings for the Music app that will let you manually disable animated cover art or limit it to Wi-fi only.
  • For the Clock app, the hand icon is slightly thicker.
  • When you press the play, pause, or fast forward buttons, there you can see the new haptics.
  • There is also clipboard notifications now specify which other iCloud devices you pasted from:
  • There are New icons in the Phone section of the Settings app

So these are some new features of iOS 14 beta 2 which you can try on your iPhone right now. Once you started using the new iOS 14 developer beta 2 on your iPhone, please do share your feedback with us in the comment box. What do new you have found on iOS 14 beta 2? Please feel free to share some hidden gems of new iOS 14 beta 2 in the comment section.

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