What Is MagSafe?

By Gustavo

It’s 2023 and if you own any Apple device, chances are that you have heard of MagSafe at least once or twice, or even more. But, the question is, “What is MagSafe and do you need it in your life?”

If you are a dedicated Apple user, meaning that you use their iPhone or iPad or Macbook, or even their iWatch, chances are that you’d need to integrate the importance of MagSafe down the road.

This article will explore everything you potentially need to know about MagSafe technology and how it can make your life a lot easier.

MagSafe – What is it?

Before we directly jump to understand the significance of MagSafe and what it does, we need to understand what MagSafe is.

MagSafe is a “magnetic technology” introduced exclusively by Apple. The feature, rather, the technology is built into the iPhone 12 and up models.

The technology was initially created exclusively for the MacBook charging cords and to ensure optimal safety of the device while charging, it has now become an integral part of the Apple ecosystem. The main significance of MagSafe is that it enables iPhone 12 and up users to wirelessly charge their devices.

What is the purpose of a MagSafe?

Despite its current popularity, several Apple users still question the necessity or benefit of MagSafe.

As we mentioned, MagSafe is available in-built into iPhone 12 and above, which means that you can make the most use of your iPhone’s built-in features if you switch to a MagSafe charger and other accessories that come with it.

The main purpose of a MagSafe is to streamline your device’s wireless charging experience. It is a lot faster and you won’t have to worry about needing to charge your devices for longer periods. MagSafe allows you to charge your devices a lot quicker, thereby keeping your device’s battery in optimal health.

What are the benefits of the MagSafe case?

Now that you have a better understanding of MagSafe and its features, let us walk you through the benefits of a MagSafe case.

Do you need one? The following benefits might help you decide that better.

  • Since MagSafe cases are designed to pair with MagSafe technology in your iPhone, it means that you can comfortably charge your iPhone wirelessly. There is no need to worry about cords anymore.
  • Secondly, using MagSafe instead of standard charging tools for your iPhone is a lot more efficient. So, when you have the MagSafe case integrated into your iPhone, you can be assured that your iPhone will charge a lot more seamlessly.
  • Lastly, MagSafe cases are a lot more secure and will prevent risks of accidents that are bound to happen when you are using standard charging cords. In short, using MagSafe cases and charging is a lot more secure.

Is a MagSafe case necessary?

As we have been discussing from the beginning of this article, MagSafe is a technology that’s integrated into your iPhone 12 and up. This means that the magnetic technology is already integrated into your iPhone and you can use it for a wireless charging facility if you want to.

It is not mandatory but a more efficient and secure way of charging your iPhone devices.

So, is a MagSafe case a necessity? The answer is No. It is not a necessity but if you want to keep up with Apple’s latest technology and charging facilities, we’d recommend buying one anyway.

What Is the Difference Between MagSafe and Wireless Charging?

Before you get confused, “But, didn’t you just mention that MagSafe technology supports wireless charging of the iPhones?”

The short answer is yes.

But, there is more to it.

The most predominant and probably the only difference between standard or conventional wireless charging with MagSafe wireless charging is efficiency.

The standard wireless charging supports up to 7.5W while the MagSafe technology supports up to 15W, which is pretty efficient and ensures that your device is charging at a much faster pace.


If you have recently bought an iPhone or came to know about MagSafe and wanted to know more about it, we hope this article gives you all the answers that you needed to know. Just ensure that you familiarize yourself with the subject, and its functions before splurging on a case and charger.

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