What is Emergency SOS via Satellite on iPhone 14?

By Govind

During the initial launch of the iPhone 14, Apple emphasized a lot of innovative features that haven’t been used before. Amidst all the options, one that deserved a special mention was the unique Emergency SOS via Satellite.

Using this feature, the users will be readily able to connect to the emergency services to seamlessly send texts for immediate assistance even when they don’t have a cellular tower around.

Apple is continually focused on delivering some of the most unique features that optimize the safety and security of their users, so it isn’t surprising that the Emergency SOS feature was an absolute must.

With this feature, this is the first smartphone that will come with satellite connectivity, enabling users to any emergency services even when there is no access to wifi or cellular connectivity.

Here’s everything you need to know about this feature and how this works on the new iPhone 14.

How does the Emergency SOS Feature work?

The primary objective behind developing the Emergency SOS feature on iPhone was to ensure that iPhone users are safe in remote areas even when there is no cellular network in the surroundings.

The particular Emergency SOS feature will be available in all four iPhone 14 models and will work similarly to how a standard satellite phone works.

What the users will need to do is activate the Emergency Text via this particular feature by pressing and holding down the side button and one of the volume buttons in the iPhone.

Once the Emergency SOS feature is activated on the iPhone, it will enable the users to directly connect with the emergency services for help, even with no cellular network in the surroundings. There will be certain restrictions to the feature, especially since this is the first trial by Apple.

The users might have to connect to a nearby satellite before they can enable the feature and connect with the emergency services as needed. Also, the feature works best in open spaces and without any obstructions, so that’s another factor the users have to keep in mind when using this feature.

How did Apple Develop this Technology?

Given how unique and one-of-a-kind the feature is, it isn’t surprising that most iPhone users are curious about how Apple developed it.

To streamline this feature, Apple has set up multiple local relay centers that will intercept the messages in case the iPhone user is stuck somewhere and can’t reach out to the emergency services.

In that case, the employees working at the relay center will intercept the message and then call the emergency services on the user’s behalf.

This particular feature uses the unique and updated wireless chip in the iPhone 14 that streamlines the satellite connection without any compromise. It works on Apple’s exclusive compression algorithm that compresses text messages for faster communication.

The advent of this particular feature will streamline a lot of the safety features of iPhone users and ensure that they get the help they need, even when they are stuck in remote locations in the world.

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