What Is Check In Automatically on IOS 17?


We’ve all been there – racing through the airport, hoping to get through security fast enough not to miss our flight. Or arriving at the hotel, tired after a long day of meetings, only to have to wait in a long check-in line. Automatic check-in features in iOS 17 finally offer some relief for stressed-out travelers.

With iOS 17’s new automatic check-in capabilities through Siri, getting checked into your hotel or flight is as easy as asking Siri to do it. No more fiddling with different travel apps or forgetting passwords. Just tell Siri when and where you need to check in. Like magic, Siri handles the rest, getting you checked in with a simple tap to confirm.

Frequent travelers know every minute counts. iOS 17’s automatic check-in helps you breeze through the travel process. Now you can spend less time in lines, and more time enjoying your vacation or preparing for your meetings. It’s like having your own personal travel assistant. Siri checks you in seamlessly across airline apps, hotel brands, rental cars, and more.

For business travelers, automatic check-in also provides additional time for last-minute preparations. With Siri checking you in to your hotel and flight in the background, you can use the extra minutes to polish up your presentation or catch up on emails instead.

Automatic check-in is just one of many clever new features arriving with iOS 17 this fall. Designed to save you time, these capabilities usher in a new era for intuitive, convenient iPhone experiences. Just ask Siri, and iOS handles the tedious tasks so you can focus on what matters. Get ready to travel smarter, not harder, with iOS 17.

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