What Does iOS 16.3 Do?

By Gustavo

Apple is consistently releasing successive iOS updates since October 2022, following the release of the stable version of iOS 16. If you use an iOS device and are confused about the “new features” in these updates, we understand you.

Things can get pretty confusing. Apple has very recently released iOS 16.3 and is currently working on releasing iOS 16.3.1. If you are not aware of the new features included in iOS 16.3, this article is for you.

What are the New Features in iOS 16.3?

Ever since the release of iOS 16, Apple has been consistently looking for software issues and bugs and introducing those fixes in the next update.

The new features in iOS 16.3 include a series of exclusive features and a few bug fixes from the previous versions of the iOS release.

Following are all the new features included in iOS 16.3 that you should be aware of:

1.      Security keys for Apple ID

If you are one of those people that’s extremely picky about their device’s security, Apple’s iOS 16.3 has introduced new physical security keys for Apple ID to further enhance user security.

It provides an extra layer of protection with the two-factor authentication step. The users will need FIDO-certified security keys to activate this feature. This adds a layer of additional security to protect your device against phishing scams.

2.      Second-gen Home pod support

Another standout feature in iOS 16.3 that deserves special mention is that it now supports the second-gen Homepod. The same is released in February 2023.

3.      Unity Wallpaper

For those who aren’t aware, Apple has also introduced the new Unity Wallpaper themes with iOS 16.3 to celebrate Black History Month. The same also comes with an additional special-edition Apple Watch Black Unity Sport Loop.

Besides iOS 16.3, Apple is also working on releasing features that celebrate Black History Month for Apple TV, Music, Fitness Plus, etc.

4.      Emergency SOS features

The new iOS 16.3 introduced the new call with hold and release feature for Emergency SOS situations. To activate this feature, the users have to hold the volume button and side button to kickstart the countdown and the alarm.

Once you release the buttons, the phone will automatically call the emergency services for you via your iPhone. Besides that, iOS 16.3 also introduced a Call Quietly feature where the device won’t create any noise or trigger the flashlight during an Emergency SOS call.

The latter will come in handy if you are in a dangerous situation, especially one involving hostage or kidnapping.

Besides these above features, the new iOS 16.3 has also introduced a variety of bug fixes that were prevalent with the previous iOS releases.


If you want to use these latest features, you’d need to update your iPhone to the latest iOS 16.3 version which its available in Settings on your iPhone. Apple is currently working on iOS 16.3.1, which is expected to be released soon as well, so keep an eye out on this space for further details about that.

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