What Are New Emojis In iOS 15.4?

By Govind

When Apple started testing the new iOS 15.4, developers saw many new emojis. And the Pregnant Man Emoji received a mixed review from users. However, Apple decided to add this Pregnant Man Emoji to the final iOS 15.4, along with some cool and pretty emojis for iPhone users.

The most talked-about Pregnant Man Emoji on iOS 15.4 and new emojis in iOS 15.4 update. If you recently update your iPhone to the latest iOS 15.4 update and don’t know which are the new iOS 15.4 emojis among all, here we have collected showcased all 37 new emojis on iOS 15.4 update for iPhone users.

With the new iOS 15.4 update, iPhone users can use melting face, lip biting face, pregnant man, and more new emojis during conversion with their loved ones from your iPhone.

Check Out New iOS 15.4 Emojis To Use Right Now

  1. Melting Face
  2. Face with Open Eyes and Hand Over Mouth
  3. Face with Peeking Eye
  4. Saluting Face
  5. Dotted Line Face
  6. Face with Diagonal Mouth
  7. Face Holding Back Tears
  8. Person with Crown
  9. Pregnant Person
  10. Pregnant Man
  11. Rightwards Hand
  12. Leftwards Hand
  13. Palm Down Hand
  14. Palm Up Hand
  15. Hand with Index Finger and Thumb Crossed
  16. Index Pointing at the Viewer
  17. Heart Hands
  18. Multi-Racial Handshakes
  19. Coral
  20. Lotus
  21. Empty Nest
  22. Nest with Eggs
  23. Beans
  24. Pouring Liquid
  25. Jar
  26. Playground Slide
  27. Wheel
  28. Ring Buoy
  29. Hamsa
  30. Mirror Ball
  31. Low Battery
  32. Crutch
  33. X-Ray
  34. Bubbles
  35. Identification Card
  36. Heavy Equals Sign
  37. Multiracial handshakes

These are the new 36 emojis that Apple has added on the recent iOS 15.4 update with multiple color options, increasing the count to 123 emojis with different colors. Among these all-new emojis on iOS 15.4 update, which new emoji you love the most. Which emoji do you still miss from the iOS? Kindly share your feedback in the comment box.

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