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Warframe recently launched on iOS devices, allowing players to take the game on the go. One of the most exciting features is cross-save support, which lets you continue your progress from PC, console or other platforms. However, some players have reported issues with cross save on iOS, specifically missing progress and items after linking accounts.

What’s Warframe Cross Save on iOS

Warframe supports full cross-progression and cross-play between all platforms, including iOS. This means you can pick up right where you left off on any platform, with all your items, resources, quest progress, etc. To enable cross save, you need to link your iOS Warframe account to your main cross save account on the Warframe website.

When you first launch Warframe on iOS, it will prompt you to login or create an account using Sign in with Apple. This creates a separate iOS Warframe account. You then need to link this to your main cross save account that has your progress from other platforms.

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Warframe iOS Cross Save – How It Works

Here is how cross save works in Warframe iOS:

  • Create a new account on iOS or log in with Apple ID
  • Visit Warframe cross save website and choose your main account as the primary
  • Link iOS account to primary account
  • iOS account data is overridden and replaced with primary account
  • Can now access same account on all linked platforms

The key thing to understand is on the website, your main progression account should be set as the primary cross save account. If you choose iOS, your existing account data will be deleted in favor of the iOS account.

Quick Things to Check

  • Double check that your main account is set as primary prior to linking iOS
  • iOS linking is permanent, so take care to link properly the first time
  • Exclusive items, gifts, and entitlements may not carry over or be usable on all platforms
  • Ensure your Warframe account credentials are properly typed for linking
  • Use authenticator app codes or backup codes if enabled for enhanced account security
  • Cross save is only available for accounts created before November 24, 2023

How to Properly Set Up Warframe Cross Save on iOS

Follow these steps to correctly link your iOS device to your main Warframe account:

  1. Launch Warframe on your iOS device
  2. Create a new account or log in with Apple ID
  3. Visit the Warframe Cross Save website
  4. Log in with your main account’s credentials (the account with the most progression)
  5. Click “Link Account” and choose your iOS account
  6. Confirm linking accounts

Once complete, launch Warframe on iOS again and log in. Your main account’s progression should now carry over to iOS via cross save.

If you previously linked incorrectly and chose iOS as primary, you will need to contact Warframe support to restore your progression.

Additional Solutions to Fix Missing Cross Save Data

Here are some things to try if your cross save data like items, skins or resources are missing after linking your iOS account:

First, unlink your iOS account from your main cross save account on the Warframe website. Then link your iOS account again. This will retry the cross save transfer and may fix any issues pulling your correct data/progress.

2. Contact Support

If relinking does not resolve the issue, contact Warframe support and report your missing items/progress. Include platform details and any other relevant information. Support can investigate and restore missing items in many cases.

3. Restore Purchases

For any missing platinum or items purchased with platinum, try restoring purchases in the in-game market on iOS. This checks your purchase history and should unlock any paid content that failed to transfer.

4. Re-download Game

As a last resort, a full reinstall of the game on iOS may resolve persistent cross save bugs. Fully close the app, delete and re-download it, then retry linking your cross save account. This will completely re-sync your data.

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