Can I Download Vencord Mobile on iOS?


Vencord is a popular open-source modification for the Discord desktop client. It adds over 100 plugins and features to enhance the Discord user experience, such as custom themes, free emotes and stickers, message logging, Spotify controls, and more.

However, Vencord is primarily designed for desktop operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux. So, can you use Vencord on iOS devices like iPhones and iPads? Let’s take a closer look.

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What Exactly is Vencord?

Vencord is a client mod for the Discord desktop app. It is built on top of Discord’s official desktop client, adding many extra features and customization options through an extensive plugin system. Some of the key highlights of Vencord include:

  • Over 100 built-in plugins like SpotifyControls, MessageLogger, Experiments, GameActivityToggle, Translate, NoTrack, QuickReply, Free Emotes/Stickers, PermissionsViewer, CustomCommands, ShowHiddenChannels, PronounDB, etc.
  • Excellent browser support – Vencord can run in browsers via an extension or UserScript
  • Works on any Discord branch – Stable, Canary, or PTB
  • Custom CSS and themes with an inbuilt CSS editor and support for importing CSS files and themes
  • Privacy friendly – blocks Discord analytics & crash reporting and has no telemetry of its own
  • Actively maintained with bugs usually fixed within 12 hours
  • Optional settings sync to keep plugins and settings synchronized across devices

Vencord provides an easy graphical installer to get up and running quickly. The installation process is as simple as downloading the installer, opening it, and clicking the install button. This will install Vencord with all the plugins pre-installed, so you can just enable the ones you want and start using them.

It’s important to note that using client mods like Vencord is against Discord’s Terms of Service. However, Discord has historically been indifferent towards client mods and there are no known cases of users getting banned just for using them, as long as they don’t abuse the platform. Still, use Vencord at your own risk, especially if your Discord account is very important to you.

Vencord Mobile iOS – Is It Possible?

Unfortunately, Vencord does not have an official iOS app at this time. The way Vencord works by modifying the Discord client is fundamentally incompatible with iOS.

The Vencord project is focused on modding the Discord desktop client, which is not available on iOS. The official Discord iOS app is separate from the desktop client and cannot be modded in the same way.

On iOS, apps are sandboxed and not allowed to modify other apps. There is no supported way for a third-party program to alter the official Discord app distributed through the App Store. Apple’s security model and app review process prohibits this kind of client modification.

Some users have pointed to an app called “MiniCord” on the iOS App Store and claimed it is an official Vencord mobile client. However, this is not the case. MiniCord is an unrelated third-party Discord client with no affiliation to the Vencord project. Using random third-party Discord apps carries significant risks as they require full access to your account and messages.

The Vencord developers have clearly stated that the mod only supports desktop platforms – Windows, macOS, and Linux. There is no mobile version of Vencord for either iOS or Android.

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Alternatives to Vencord for iOS

However, there are some alternative Discord mods that do work on iOS, such as:

  • Enmity for iOS: Enmity is an iOS app that modifies the official Discord mobile app to add themes and plugins, similar to Vencord on a desktop. It requires jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad. The Enmity project is open-source on GitHub.

It’s worth noting that these iOS Discord mods are separate projects from Vencord and are not affiliated with or supported by the Vencord developers. If you choose to use them, you would need to reach out to their respective communities for help and support.

Final Words

Vencord is a powerful set of mods and plugins for the Discord desktop client, but it is not available as an iOS app. iOS users who want to mod the Discord mobile app can look into alternatives like Enmity, but these are separate projects from Vencord with their own communities and support.

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