The Best Mobile Sports Games Available on iOS

By Govind

Apple’s mobile ecosystem is great for sports fans. iPhone and iPad users have access to a wealth of apps that allow them to follow games live, keep up with scores, and find all the latest gossip and rumours about teams and players. Bookmakers have also made wagering on sports easier for iOS users by creating apps that make it easy to check odds, fill out a slip, and place a bet in just a few taps. Competition is strong among mobile bookies, so these often run free bet promotions that mean savvy fans can use their iPhones to get better value from their wagering. 

But that isn’t all sports fans can do with their iPhones and iPads. Apple users have access to one of the biggest libraries of sports games on the planet, covering just about every discipline that you could ever imagine. 

Football Manager 2022 Mobile

Football Manager is one of the most popular sports management games on the planet. Its success may surprise you, since you don’t once get to virtually kick a ball on a pitch. Instead, you step into the shoes of a club’s manager and are tasked with making decisions related to squad selection, training priorities, and in-game tactics. 

Critics have praised Football Manager for its realism and accuracy for many years, and it’s built a cult following because of it. 

Football Manager 2022 Mobile brings this to your iPhone or iPad, so you can manage your team on the go. Players can take charge of teams from more than 60 of the world’s biggest football leagues, with African competitions added to the long list of options in this most recent version. 

8 Ball Pool

Miniclip has been making online games for more than 20 years. Over that time, its releases have had varying success, with some being hugely popular and others less so. One of its biggest successes is 8 Ball Pool, a billiards game that’s enjoyed by millions of players around the world. 

It is completely free to play and offers several game modes, including simple one-on-one matches and longer pool tournaments. 

One of the reasons 8 Ball Pool has been so successful is that the game is simple to pick up. You can have it installed in seconds and learn the basics in a matter of minutes, and the matching system will pit you against players with a similar skill level so you’re not overwhelmed. 

But while 8 Ball Pool is easy to learn, it will take a long time to truly master, creating a challenge for players for a long time. 

NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition

NBA 2K is the leading basketball simulation video game series on the market. Its main releases are made for the latest PlayStation and Xbox consoles, but that hasn’t stopped 2K from making a mobile version, so you can shoot some hoops while on the go. 

NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition is available only through Apple Arcade, meaning you need a compatible Apple device and a subscription to the gaming service to play it. 

Because it’s an Apple Arcade game, there are no ads and no in-app purchases, creating an unadulterated title that just focuses on fun gameplay elements. 

While it is cut down from the console games, NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition features many of the same game modes and elements that you can find on the bigger version. This includes the chance to play on the court or manage a team from the sidelines. 

The MyCAREER feature remains in the Arcade Edition, giving you hours of fun as you progress through a personal storyline of success in the world’s biggest and best basketball league. 

In addition to this, you can take part in Arena Quick Matches, Blacktop Quick matches, and online multiplayer games, giving you plenty of choice. 

F1 Mobile Racing

There are several official Formula 1 apps available for iPhone today, but F1 Mobile Racing is one of the best options. Created by Codemasters, the developers behind the console and PC F1 games, this smartphone version is a free-to-play title that follows the 2021 F1 season. 

It’s very hands-on, giving you the chance to develop and customise your car, as well as race on all the official circuits from last season. 

Being free-to-play, there are ads and nag screens, but they’re not so intrusive that it takes away from the experience, and you can still progress at a reasonable and enjoyable pace without having to pay. 

While not quite the same level of realism as you find in the paid-for F1 games, it’s still good enough to test your car control skills and ability to navigate a circuit quickly. 

Not only that, but F1 Mobile Racing features a graded multiplayer mode that lets you duel against real players in a one-on-one format. These short races see you compete on the world’s best F1 circuits to unlock upgrades and other features. 

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