T-Mobile previews eSIM activation app for iPhone before December launch

Vineet Maheshwari
T-Mobile previews eSIM activation app for iPhone before December launch

T-Mobile revealed off the standalone iOS app to PCMag, offering a sneak peek in the way the carrier plans to manage Apple‘s Double SIM, Double Standby alternative.

According to the novel, the app presents a prepaid support line on a server iPhone by walking users through an easy installation procedure. Clients are requested to give an email address — apparently connected to their T-Mobile accounts — to get authentication and confirmation of providers. The app proceeds to assess device compatibility prior to reinstalling the onboard eSIM and assigning a secondary telephone.

The app is presently limited to prepaid programs because most users will probably add a drifting or secondary line for their eSIM as a substitute for a key program, the report stated.

The compact activation encounter stands in stark contrast to system being used by competing carriers such as AT&T, which require customers to scan a QR code in a brick-and-mortar shop. It needs to be said, nevertheless, that AT&T’s eSIM service extends to both the prepaid and postpaid plans.

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T-Mobile intends to distribute the app to employees for instruction on Friday before a public introduction later this month. A specific launch timeline wasn’t supplied, though sources knowledgeable about the organization’s plans assert the carrier will empower eSIM support at the close of the calendar year, the report stated.

AT&T was the very first U.S. carrier to trigger eSIM compatibility for iPhone as it rolled out service on Wednesday, allowed from the launch of iOS 12.1.1.

Introduced with the hottest iPhone XS and XR versions in September, dual-SIM technology enables using two telephone numbers and two subscription programs on a single device. Popular in Asia, the technology permits users to save roaming charges during global travel or keep separate business and private lines without additional hardware.

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