How To Create Aesthetic Stranger Things Lock & Home Screen Wallpaper On iOS 16


It’s been only a couple of days since I installed iOS 16 on my iPhone. I have spent too much on the lock screen customization feature ever since then. I tried price, astronomy, shuffle, emoji, and every available wallpaper on my iPhone’s lock and home screen.

I also created a few customized lock and home screen alongside the default wallpapers. Among all, Stranger Things based lock screen and home screen wallpapers on iOS 16 running iPhone stole my heart. Even many of my friends did like this new Stranger Things lock screen design on iOS 16 iPhone. They also asked how I did it.

Here’s how it looks.

Did you like this Stranger Things iOS 16 lock and home screen setup? Do you wish to have it on your iPhone’s screen? Let’s follow this guide.

How To Design Aesthetic Stranger Things Lock and Home Screen On iOS 16

  1. First of all, download both Stranger Things wallpapers.
  2. Unlock the device by pressing and hold finger on the lock screen.
  3. Tap on the Plus icon.
  4. Tap on Photos.
  5. Select the first Stranger Things image with a blue sky.
  6. Pinch to crop and adjust.
  7. Tap on Add.
  8. Tap on Customise Home Screen.
  9. Tap on Photos from the bottom.
  10. Select another Stranger Things image with a red sky.
  11. Tap on Done.
  12. Again tap on Done.
  13. Now tap on the newly created Stranger Things lock screen.

That’s it.

Once you have followed above steps, you will have the new Stranger Things based red and blue lock and home screen on your iOS 16 running iPhone. From now, when you swipe up to unlock the device, you will see the Stranger Things blue skied wallpaper turn into red upside-down wallpaper.

Did you enjoy the guide? Was it helpful to create Stranger Things personalized lock screen? Do you know any other trick to create an aesthetic iOS 16 lock screen? Feel free to share with us in the comment box.

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