Can I Download Spotify Premium Apk Free On iOS In 2022?

By Betty

There is no doubt that Spotify is the most popular music streaming app, with more than 406 million users. However, 180 million users are using the app’s premium version to enjoy music of the best quality. Since everyone cannot get Spotify premium plan, some users prefer to sideload Spotify’s premium mod apk free on iOS and Android devices.

It is so easy for the Android user to get the first Spotify premium apk link and install it on the device. But there are dozens of rules and restrictions for iPhone or iPad users when it comes to installing any third-party app or mode apk. However, we have found the workaround method to download the Spotify premium apk on iOS devices. Let’s get to the guide.

How To Get Spotify Premium APK on iOS For Free

Note: With the help of the Spotify++ premium mod version of the game, iOS users can sideload the app on iPhone and iPad to enjoy all Spotify Premium features for free. However, this method doesn’t work on some iPhone and iPad models.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Next, go to General.
  3. Tap in Background App Refresh.
  4. Select Mobile Data & Wife.
  5. Now go back and tap Battery.
  6. After that, tap on the toggle next to Low Power Mode.
  7. Open the Safari app.
  8. Go to
  9. Please scroll down to Spotify ++ and tap on it.
  10. Tap on it and Install.
  11. Wait for a minute to load the data, and then you will redirect to locked three tasks.
  12. You need to install any two apps from the list and spend a minute on the app.
  13. After two assignments are completed, you will see the Spotify ++ iOS version automatically installed on your iPhone home screen.

After following the above method, you will have the Spotify Premium version installed on your iPhone or iPad. You can enjoy all the premium features of Spotify app for free. As we said, this method doesn’t work for every iOS user, so if you encounter any issues while following the method you can ask for help in the comment section. Stay tuned for more news and update.

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