Signal vs. Telegram: Which Is The Best WhatsApp Alternative?


Ever since WhatsApp updated its terms & privacy policy, people are moving to more secure apps like Telegram and Signal app. As these apps offer more privacy, people are confused about whether there should go with Signal or Telegram. 

If you have any questions, live below, and want to see the Telegram and Signal comparison, then let me help you with this article. 

 Is signal or telegram better?

Is telegram as secure as signal?

Why you should never use telegram?

Is Telegram really private?

Signal vs. Telegram Comparison Seven Points

1.      Common 

 Both apps claim that they offer the best security. But they are no managed by a giant tech company. The one profile company owns telegram while NGO runs the signal app. These apps are designed to chat, share files, and call. You can download these apps on Android and iOS devices for free. 

2.      Better Privacy

The most primary reason for moving from WhatsApp is privacy. Hence, the first thing we will consider which app offers better privacy from Telegram and Signal. If we compare Signal with Telegram and WhatsApp, Signal offers the better and safe end-to-end encrypted service even Signal couldn’t check your messages. Telegram also lets you start the end-to-end encryption, but you have to enable the “Secret Chat.” There are more safety option to blur photos and more.

3.      Secret Group Chat

Of course, both apps let you chat in a group. The signal app provides encrypted group chats while Telegram can still see your group chat messages (means you can’t start a secret chat in a group chat). 

On the other hand, Telegram lets you create the group of 2, 00,000 people, while Signal allows you to make a group of 1000 people. 

4.      Data Storage 

Signal apps store your data on your device by default to make safe conversation, while Telegram app stores your data on the server and sync with your device.

5.      Source Code

As Signal is an open-source platform, anyone can find the code of the signal server on Github. And also, Telegram’s is open source, but the server is not open source. According to some security researchers, Signal’s encryption protocol is better and more bulletproof than Telegram’s MTProto encryption protocol.

6.      Bots Conversation

Telegram has the feature to add bots conversation, but it would be less private. Signal add doesn’t have any bots feature due to the privacy feature. 

7.      Multiple Feature

Talking about more features, Telegram has a very user-friendly interface, multiple stickers, animated stickers, and many customizable background images for your chats. But Signal app is working on adding more features. 

Final Words

After using both these apps on my device, I have noted the above major things to differentiate Telegram and Signal. Have you started using any app from these two? If so, then please do share your feedback in the comment box. 

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