How To Use Sad Face Filter (Crying Face Filter) On Instagram on iPhone


Every day I see a new trend on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and other social media platforms. This month started with the TikTok’s Rotoscope filter, and now another filter is trending on the social media app. We are talking about the crying face filter on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. Over the last couple of days, people worldwide have made Sad Face filtered reels and videos.

If you want to join the trend and create a sad face filter reel on Instagram from your iPhone, you have come to the right place as here we have prepared the guide to using the sad face crying filter on Instagram on iOS devices. Let’s create the crying face filter video on the Instagram reel.

How to Use Sad Face Filter Reel On Instagram On iPhone

Note: Make sure that your Instagram app is updated to the latest version to enjoy all-new features and filters.

  1. Launch Instagram App on your iPhone.
  2. Next, tap on the “+” icon in the top right corner.
  3. Choose the Reel option and tap on Effect.
  4. Search “Sad Filter.”
  5. Now choose the sad filter from the results and record the reel with the crying face filter.
  6. Once you have recorded the sad filter face reel, you can either post it on Instagram or any other platforms like Snapchat or TikTok.

This is how you can make the video with a crying face filter from the Instagram app on your iPhone. Since these types of reels are getting millions of views and likes, you can also join the trend and get many views.

Was this article helpful? Did you enjoy the guide and made the crying face filter videos? Do share your feedback in the comment box. If you need more help regarding the same, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment box.

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