How To Record a Call on iPhone?

By Govind

Apple products are ingenious, there are no complaints about that. However, you can’t deny the fact that Apple’s iPhones lack a certain few necessary features that should have been there in the first place.

Call recording, for example, isn’t available on iPhones. This means that if you want to record an important call for future reference, you won’t be able to achieve the same goal. However, keep in mind that Apple introduces its features keeping everyone’s safety and privacy in mind.

Since call recording is a crime in certain countries, that’s one of the reasons why the feature isn’t readily available on iPhones. However, this article will walk you through a few tricks that should enable you to record a call on your iPhone in no time at all.

Ways to Record a Call on iPhone

In some cases, Apple has complicated our lives. If you have to urgently record your calls for some reason, you will need to work through a few workaround tips like the ones mentioned here.

Record the call on a speaker

The first and potentially most effective and easiest way to record a call on iPhone is by recording the same using a speaker of another phone. This means that you will need two devices for this.

What you need to do is enable the speaker on your iPhone during the call. On the other side, you can record what’s being discussed using the audio recorder feature on another phone. The Voice memos app works quite smoothly in this case.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Open the Voice memos app on one iPhone that will do the recording
  2. While you are on the call, tap on the “Start recording” button in the app and take your iPhone closer to the speakerphone of the call.
  3. Continue the recording until the entire call is recorded.

And, that is it. Once recorded, you can save the file to your iPhone and use it for future reference as needed. You can also record the call using an Android smartphone, whatever you have in hand.

 Using Google Voice

Another way you can record your call on your iPhone is by employing Google Voice. The Google Voice account is 100% free, so it is time you make use of that.

However, there are certain limitations. If you are using a Google Voice account to receive the calls, it is simple to record them from the in-app settings. But, the account won’t record the outgoing calls, which can be a big downside for some.

For setting up the recording feature for incoming calls – visit Settings > Calls > Incoming call options and enable the recording option.

Use a 3-way Call Merge App

Not many users know this but there are third-party call-recording apps that you can use to record your iPhone calls in no time at all. These kinds of iPhone recorder apps utilize the 3-way conference calls feature where the third caller is nothing but a recording line.

It will record the call, and provide you with the file once you are done with the call. As effective as they sound, most of these third-party apps are paid, which means that they will charge you a recurring fee every month.


That concludes our tips on how you can record a call on your iPhone. Although the feature isn’t officially available due to privacy reasons, we have managed to find out a few methods that work pretty well. You can check them out individually and see which one floats your boat the best.

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