3 Methods To PUBG IOS 16 Download Without App Store

By Govind

However, PUBG Mobile has been banned in India; people are still eager to download PUBG iOS in India after Ban. Even many are looking for a way to download PUBG iOS without app store. After the Ban of PUBG Mobile, BGMI launched by the same makers for users in India. But it has been banned again. So, here we will show three methods to download PUBG on iOS.

Due to Apple’s strict policy and laws, iPhone cannot simply sideload any app without App Store. Hence, downloading PUBG to iOS without App Store is also a tough job. However, we have made it easy for Indian users to install PUBG Mobile on iOS 16.

3 Methods To PUBG IOS 16 Download iPhone After Ban

Method 1: Change Country Location

  1. Open the Apps section.
  2. Next, tap on the Account icon.
  3. Tap on your account.
  4. Then go to Country/Region.
  5. From the pop up, select any other country other than India.
  6. Now, provide your billing address.
  7. Enter some random name by random text in Street Name and region.
  8. Finally, select a region and enter a Zip code (You can get Zip codes for the region from Google).
  9. Select the payment option as None.
  10. Save it, once done the App Store will restart itself.
  11. Now Search for PUBG Mobile on the App Store, and you can download the game without any issue and play.

Method 2: Use VPN Services

  1. Download a VPN client like the Panda VPN or other free VPNs on iPhone.
  2. Create accounts and log in to your Client app.
  3. Now select USA servers from the list of servers and tap on connect.
  4. Keep the VPN connection if you want to play the game, or else you may get disconnected from the game.

Method 3: Download & Play PUBG Korean Version

  1. Change country to Korean with the help of Method 1.
  2. Then, go to the App Store.
  3. Search for PUBG.
  4. Install it and play the game.

That’s all.

You can follow the above three methods and download Pubg IOS on iPhone. I hope you followed the guide and now started playing Pubg on iOS in India. Do you know any other method to do get PUBG on IOS? Feel free to share with us in the comment box.

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By Govind
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