PS5 Pre-Order, Price, Release Date and More

By Betty

We know that Sony has already revealed the next-gen PlayStation 5 detail, but they hadn’t published anything related to the price and release date of PS5. But on a Monday morning, he found something exciting about next PS5.

There is no official announcement for the release or price of PS4; today Amazon released a page with the full PlayStation 5 information. On this Amazon PS5 page, they showcase everything about the product, but we have not found any Pre-Order button or any release date event. But since Amazon posted the page, every geek is assuming that we will soon see the PS5 Pre-order button.

After that, many popular leakers took social media platforms as the best platform to share more about the PS5 release and price. So one of the popular leakers @IronManPS5 wrote on Twitter that PS5 pre-order would start today (means 13 July, Monday).

Also, another leaker Roberto Serrano suggested that PS5 pre-orders will go live at 12:30 pm PT or 3:30 pm ET. He also revealed that PS5 price and release date would be announced as well considering the ongoing rumours and leaks about the PlayStation 5.

While these two leakers stated that PS5 is going to live today, another unknown leaker indicates that Sony is not going to release its gaming console today neither price nor release, so don’t get too much excited for the PS5 now.

Along with that, the Amazon PS5 page, other countries Amazon pages like,,, as well as Best Buy and Target list both versions of the PS5 along with its various accessories, although pricing and release date are omitted from these pages.

Talking about the price of PS5, one of the leaker @_TomHenderson_ Tweeted that PS5 will costs $499/£449 and release on November 20 worldwide and on November 14 in Japan.

As we know that Microsoft is going to release its Xbox Series X games on July 23, so maybe we can see something huge from Sony with these PS5 roaming pages. Let’s hope to hear something exciting from the Sony side as they officially gave permission to its retailer to show the PS5 page. So we can expect something huge from Sony within a couple of days. Until now, there is no news about pre-order or anything about the PS5, but keep updated with this article as something exciting is coming and we will update the post once it arrived. We also suggest you get your wallet ready for some amount as many positive vibes are coming from everywhere about the PS5 release and pre-order.

Are you a huge PlayStation fan? What do you think about the current Amazon’s PS5 page? If you have anything to share about PS5, then feel free to share it with us in the comment section.

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