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If you are an avid mobile phone gamer, chances are that you are sitting there wondering about the release of Call of Duty: Warzone. Despite the hype that has been created surrounding this game, we can’t deny the fact that the game has been around for a pretty long time since its release.

In the meantime, another game that has taken the world up by storm is Project: Bloodstrike. Developed by NetEase, the popular game developer behind Marvel Duel and Naraka Bladepoint, the game is currently in open beta, which means that if you live in one of the countries where the beta is available, you should be able to download and play the game.

This article will explore everything you need to know about Project: Bloodstrike for iOS and its release date.

What is the Release Date of Project: Bloodstrike?

As we just discussed, Project: Bloodstrike is currently in open beta in a handful of countries. However, if you are looking for a fixed release date for the game, there’s not one available in foresight.

Besides that, reports suggest that the game’s closed beta is currently available in six countries, namely:

  • Brazil
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • United States of America
  • Philippines

The closed beta is available for both Android and iOS users, which is always a positive attribute. If you live in any of these eligible countries that we mentioned above, you are good to download the game and play it in your comfort. There is no invite needed for this beta.

If you are wondering where you can download the game, it is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple TestFlight app. Further reports suggest that the technical test of the game kickstarted on February 22, 2023.

What can you expect from Project: Bloodstrike?

With so many mobile combat games releasing in 2023, wondering what you can expect from the game is a pretty valid and common question.

Most of the initial users, alongside the developers, reveal that the game is a cross between Apex Legends and Warzone. So, you do get to experiment with the best of both worlds. Additionally, the game also features stunning graphics and elevated performance, something that you are going to be appreciative of.

Until the upcoming version of COD is released, we’d recommend downloading the beta version of Project: Bloodstrike instead. Also, according to the initial specifications of the game, it is integrated with eight operators that the players can choose from.

Each of these operators has a unique skill that contributes to the core funk and fun of the game.

How to Download Project: Bloodstrike on iOS?

We have to reiterate that the official game isn’t out yet. However, a closed beta version of the game is available in select six countries as we have mentioned previously in the article.

If you have an iOS device and are wondering about the download process, you need to check out Apple’s TestFlight app to download the game. The file size is 820MB.

You will only be able to take part in the beta testing of the game if you live in one of the six eligible countries as we mentioned before. If you live somewhere outside of these six countries, your best bet would be to use a VPN.


And, that concludes all that we know about Project: Bloodstrike, its features, and also the release date and availability. If you have been eyeing this game for quite some time now, we’d recommend taking things a little easier and trying out the beta version first. If you like the logistics of the game, you can then wait for the official version.

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