How to play TFT on an iPhone?

Devendra Chande

TFT or Team Fight Tactics is a leading auto battler game that’s currently available for both Android and iOS. While its accessibility on Android is pretty simple, being able to download and play the game on iOS can be a little confusing.

Garnering over 2.5 billion hours of playtime, TFT is no doubt one of the most popular mobile games currently available online. If you have an iPhone and you are confused about how to get your hands on TFT, this article should give you all the details.

Is TFT available for the iPhone?

Surprisingly, yes.

TFT is currently available on the App Store if you wish to download and play the game. However, the game’s functionalities are limited unless you change the region to Australia.

So, while you can directly download TFT to your iPhone, there are certain limitations you have to work through, which can be a pain.

To better understand the download process, read the next section.

How to Download TFT on iPhone?

If you are an Android user, you can directly download TFT via Google Play Store and then get started with the game.

For iPhone users, things are a tad bit complicated. Following are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Open App Store on your iPhone
  2. Under “Select Country or Region”, select Australia
  3. Register with the information
  4. You have to fill in your personal information as they pop up on the screen

Once the details are in, you can then install TFT on your iPhone and enjoy the game directly from there. Following the download and installation, the players have to go ahead and sign into the game with their Riot Games account to enjoy the game.

Overall, downloading and playing TFT on your iPhone can seem a little confusing but it is a one-time hassle we’d recommend you go through.

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