Phone 15 Plus Commercial Song Revealed as “Way Too Long” by Doe Boy


The catchy song featured in Apple’s latest iPhone 15 Plus commercial has been revealed as “Way Too Long” by rapper Doe Boy. Since the commercial first aired, viewers have been searching to find out the name of the upbeat track.

The commercial titled “Miss You” shows an animated power outlet singing about missing the iPhone due to its long battery life. The lyrics “Way too long, way too long, since you’ve been gone” are heard as the outlet waits eagerly for the iPhone to need charging.

“Way Too Long” is a song by Cleveland-based rapper Doe Boy, released earlier this month. It was co-written by Breyan Isaac and Cotrell Dennard. The infectious beat and lyrics lamenting the loss of a loved one make it the perfect fit for the commercial’s lovelorn power outlet.

Apple has made a tradition of featuring catchy and danceable tunes in its ads. Using Doe Boy’s track helps showcase the iPhone 15 Plus’ impressive all-day battery life in a quirky and lighthearted manner. Fans of the commercial can now finally add “Way Too Long” to their playlists.

The revelation of the song title and artist allows Apple fans to discover and enjoy the music behind the ad. Doe Boy looks set to gain plenty of new listeners thanks to his feature as the voice of the power outlet feeling the absence of the iPhone 15 Plus.

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