Null’s Brawl on iOS Tutorial: How to Download and Play


Null’s Brawl is an extremely popular modified version of the multiplayer mobile game Brawl Stars. It offers players unlimited gems, gold, and special items as well as access to exclusive game modes, maps, skins, and more. Since the game is very popular, many iPhone users are keenly waiting to get Null’s Brawl on iOS. So, here we have the complete tutorial.

While fun and exciting to play Null’s Brawl on iPhone, using mods does come with some risks. This guide will walk you through how to safely download and install Null’s Brawl on your iPhone or iPad.

How To Download And Play Null’s Brawl on iOS

Downloading the IPA File

The first step is to download the IPA installation file for Null’s Brawl from the official Null’s Brawl website. This file allows you to sideload and install the game directly onto your iOS device. Be sure to only download IPA files from trusted and verified sources to avoid malware. The latest working IPA file for Null’s Brawl can usually be found pinned at the top of their Discord channel.

Using AltStore to Install the IPA

To install IPA files on iOS, you need a third-party app store like AltStore. AltStore lets you sideload apps, mods, emulators, and more without needing to jailbreak your device. To use it, simply install AltStore onto your iPhone or iPad. You can then connect to your computer and use AltStore and iTunes to install unsigned IPA files.

Once AltStore is installed, use it to install the Null’s Brawl IPA file that you downloaded earlier. AltStore will handle unpacking and installing the IPA correctly onto your device. The process is straightforward but does require connecting your phone to your computer periodically to resign apps.

Trusting the Developer Profile

After installing the IPA, you need to manually trust the Null’s Brawl developer account before the game will launch. To do this, head to Settings > General > Device Management on your iOS device. Find and tap on the Null’s Brawl or altstore developer account and trust it.

Launch and Play

Now you’re all set to enjoy Null’s Brawl! The game should show up on your iOS home screen like any other app. Launch it and enjoy unlimited gems and gold as well as exclusive skins, modes, maps, and overpowered brawlers!


Keep in mind that using modded apps does violate terms of service and could result in account bans when you install Null’s Brawl on iPhone using the above method. We recommend creating a separate account just for playing Null’s Brawl if you wish to use your main account on the original Brawl Stars as well. Enjoy playing and don’t forget to share your feedback in the comment box.

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