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How do you get NU carnival on iOS?

NU carnival iOS

NU carnival is the latest addition in the world of the character-based game for iPhone and Android users. While Android users can download NU carnival on their device, some iPhone geeks are looking for a way to download NU carnival on iOS.

Ever since the release of NU carnival, people have been crazy for the game because of its new world fantasy and design. The game follows the hundred years old story of Continent, were causing total mayhem. The Grand Sorcerer – a man known only as Huey – made the five altars across the land to end the anarchy. There is much in the game that you would love to play.

Why cannot I find NU carnival on iOS App Store?

Due to the non-family-friendly theme and content in the game, Apple restricted the game from the App Store. You won’t be able to download NU carnival on iPhone from the App Store.

Can I Download NU carnival on iOS?

However, we have found two ways to download NU carnival on iOS with the help of the official NU carnival website to play via Safari and using the third-party app store to install the game.

How To Download NU carnival on iPhone

Here we have mentioned two different methods to get NU carnival on iPhone.

How To Play NU carnival on iOS via Safari

  1. Open the Safari app on your iPhone.
  2. Visit the NU carnival official website page.
  3. Login by Email and play the game online.

How To Get NU carnival on iOS via third-party store

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to General.
  3. Tap on Background App Refresh and turn it ON.
  4. Turn off low power mode.
  5. Then, open the Safari app.
  6. Go to applob.com.
  7. Search for Nu Carnival.
  8. Tap in Nu Carnival and complete the tasks.
  9. That’s it.

NU: carnival iOS No Longer Available?

We have seen a lot of complaints about the “NU: carnival iOS No Longer Available” issue when they try to open the app. Sadly, the problem is only occurring on iOS since the app has been restricted from the App Store. Therefore, to fix the “Nu: Carnival is no longer available” issue, the user can submit the issue to the developers of the app, or they can re-download the game. It will help to fix the issue.

How to update NU: carnival iOS?

Since the game is no longer available on the App Store, people have difficulty updating the Nu carnival iOS version on their iPhones. However, users can go to the official website https://www.ero-labs.com/en/ios2/24.html and download the IPA file. And then, use the latest version of Sideloadly to install the latest IPA file of the game and enjoy the latest update.

Does free NU Carnival have codes 2022?

There was a KNM3U9ZRY67LA NU Carnival code to get x10 000 coins, and x3 Tiny Boosts working for many users, and other codes are not working anymore. There will be new NU Carnival codes for next month.

How to redeem Nu Carnival Codes?

  1. Launch the game on your phone and tap on the 3 lines button (Menu) on the screen (top right section).
  2. Tap on the Settings (indicated by the Gear icon).
  3. Tap on the Other tab.
  4. Now tap on Redeem Code.
  5. In the window that appears, type your code and hit OK.

Once you install the game and start playing it on your iPhone, you will get addicted to it, and you won’t stop playing it. With the help of the above article, I hope you answer “How do I download Nu Carnival on iOS?”

After playing NU carnival on iPhone, share your feedback in the comment box about your experience.

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