Is There Any Novelah iOS App for iPhone users?


Everything has become digital these days. From the payment system or online streaming service, everything is now available on mobile phones. Also, many educational and novel reading apps are available on Android and iPhone. Novelah is one of the most popular apps to enjoy reading in a modern way.

While many Android users are enjoying Novelah for novel reading in the USA, Canada, and many Asian countries, some iPhone users are looking for the Novelah iOS version.

Since book publishers found digital ways to publish books online without crossing the boundaries, the trend of online readers has increased in the last few years. Therefore, the Tom Yang team developed the Novelah app for Android and iOS users to release any novel or books digitally. Novelah app included hundreds of novel from all over the world.

Can I Download Novelah iOS App?

No, Novelah iOS app is not available on App Store for iPhone right now. But you can use BueNovela & leer novela libro as the alternative of Novelah on iOS devices to read novels.

What are the main genres of Novelah app?

Novelah has hundreds of novels from different genres. It included genres like romantic stories, fiction, hot boss, fantasy, and more.  User can go with any of these genres on Novelah.

Once you have downloaded the Novelah app on your device, you can scroll through the list and bookmark your favourite novels in the favourite list.

The best part about Novelah is that it has a community section where many writers from all over the world can join the community of writers and share their sweet stories with other writers and readers from another corner of the world.

Alongside, Novelah can make the reading interesting, fast, and fun with the help of a great and updated collection of stories and novels. Once you jump into this Novelah world, you will get lost in the romantic, thriller, fun and another world with novels. This app will help you to get over real-life problems and stress.

Another great thing everyone loved is Novelah’s multiple language support systems, including languages like English, Chinese, French, Japanese, and more.

If you are good at writing, then you can also become a contributor to Novelah app. If you have joined Novelah as a contract author, you can also start making money by sharing your excellent stories with readers.

Are you a huge novel reader? Have you ever user Novelah on iPhone? Do you know any other free novel reading apps for iOS? Please share your feedback in the comment box.

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