Next Generation Siri to Launch with iOS 18 in 2024

Devendra Chande

Cupertino, CA – Apple is poised to unveil the next generation of its Siri virtual assistant alongside the launch of iOS 18 in September 2024, according to sources familiar with the company’s plans. This updated version of Siri is expected to represent a major leap forward in functionality powered by new generative AI capabilities similar to ChatGPT.

The new Siri will likely be previewed by Apple at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2024. The assistant is reported to have significantly improved natural language processing for more human-like conversations, as well as better contextual understanding to retain information across devices.

Deep integration with the Shortcuts app could allow users to automate more complex tasks and workflows using the new Siri. Apple also aims to apply AI advancements to audio and video processing, building on existing features like Live Captions.

Rumors suggest the iPhone 16 will have enhanced microphones and hardware to support the next-gen Siri assistant. While the full suite of features may not arrive until iOS 18, dedicated hardware could enable some capabilities on new devices.

Apple is said to be debating whether to process requests on-device for privacy reasons or use cloud computing for maximum effectiveness. A hybrid approach combining the strengths of both methods is also possible.

The new Siri will mark a major milestone in Apple’s artificial intelligence efforts. With generative AI, more versatile voice recognition, and multitasking skills, it aims to transform Siri into an indispensable digital assistant. Apple fans eagerly await further details at WWDC 2024 and the full release with iOS 18.

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