New iOS Icons Coming With iOS 15 in June

By Govind

Apple won our hearts last year when they added the new feature on iOS 14 to change app icons. This feature helped people to design some aesthetic iPhone home screen that has never been seen before. 

As iOS 14 gave Apple users a chance to create amazing home screen designs with app icons and widgets, users are keen to know what more Apple is adding on the next iOS 15 update to customize the home screen. 

To share more about the upcoming design of Apple’s iOS 15, we have great information about it as we have found new icons. These new icons were first found by my Reddit user DimVl.

These icon designs appear in Big sur, which shows the great depth and double quaver, giving the new app logo a more three-dimensional look. Hence, we can assume this is Apple’s new design language. MacRumors also found a similar new design of App Store in 2020.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but Apple’s new design may look like same as the company is moving on with the flat design. If you enable the dark mode, the system will be dark the icon’s background and gives a neat look to the main logo.

Since Apple has not completed the upcoming iOS 15, we can surely say that this will be the main design of the iOS 15. We may see some change as well.

If you take a closer look at both Apple Music and App Store icon, you will see its similarity. But who knows, Apple flips the coin and changes everything at the WWDC this year. 

As for now, no confirmed news except the release date of the iOS 15 beta. What do you think about the next iOS system? Do you think it would be better than the previous iOS 14? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box. Stay tuned for more Apple news and update. 

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By Govind
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