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Vineet Maheshwari

I admire iOS 14’s app icon changing feature most since I installed the new ecosystem on iPhone X. After adding multiple widgets and images to the home screen, I also tried to change some of the apps icons on my iPhone’s home screen. It took some time, but I ended up with a great home screen with some great Netflix app icons. While customizing icons and colour of apps on iOS 14, it was difficult to find some good netflix icon aesthetic for iPhone. I had to spend two hours to find the perfect app icon on my iPhone.

Therefore, here we have collected the best netflix aesthetic logo so that you can easily find the best iOS 14 Netflix app icons according to your iPhone’s Home Screen. Even you can set Netflix app icon to the character or shows you are watching now. That’s sounds great.

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Free Download Netflix Icons Aesthrtic-Not Aesthetic

Netflix Neon iOS 14 App icon
Netflix Blue Neon iOS 14 App icon

Cute Netflix app icon
Pink Netflix app icon for iOS 14
Netflix and Chill iOS 14 App icon

Pastel Ombre Instagram Icon Logo

So there were some of the best iOS 14 Netflix app icons which can set on your iPhone home screen. Which icon you liked the most? Do you need more icons? Please share your feedback in the comment box.

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