Most Popular Free Games On iPhone


There are no shortage of games to enjoy on the iPhone, including those of the free variety. Here are some of the best and most popular for you to consider.

Deep Golf

While iPhones themselves are not cheap, users can benefit from great things for free, from free widgets to games. Some games are so effortlessly relaxing they can soothe your worries away, and one free iPhone game that accomplishes that today is Deep Golf. The unique twist of the game is to take golf subterranean, hence the name. Shots are determined by dragging for power and direction. Obstacles faced by the player include the classics of stalagmites and stalactites (the latter being the ones that hang down), water pools, and purple ooze.

Players who bag a hole in one are rewarded with alternative balls with which to play. It’s a simple, fun, and straightforward game that allows you to switch off your brain and let your worries float away while you have some fun golfing underground.

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Froglike: The Frog Roguelike

Frogger is one of the all-time great games of yesteryear and remains the inspiration for mini-games today. It’s also the foundation of the cunningly entitled Froglike: The Frog Roguelike, a free iPhone game for those who admire amphibians. In the old game, the mighty quest was to cross a road without getting flattened, but the new one sees our froggy protagonist trying to safeguard the Lily of Time itself.

Each level takes place on a single screen. Lily pads and slowly moving logs are safe places to be but fall in the water and you’re doomed (despite being a frog). Charging up a lily pad can create a portal and power-up. Staying afloat is trickier than it might be due to the presence of various enemies, and the responsive controls help make this feel like a fair fight. The difficulty is that projectiles mean you have to move around, making this a fun and constant challenge.

Knight Brawl

Medieval combat is a big hit for PC and console gamers, and the same is true of free iPhone games in the form of Knight Brawl. Bouncy action and frenzied fighting make the gameplay rapid and silly, with knightly protagonists jumping hither and thither. Knocking aside the helmet and shield of foes leaves them exposed to a fatal bout of stabbing.

Initially, the combat is strictly one on one, but there’s more to this than dueling. Players can also embark upon melee-style free-for-all bouts, and there are missions that add a touch of platforming to the stabbing silliness. If you want to relieve stress with a daft game then this might well be the one for you.

Ready Set Goat!

Goats are a popular theme on the internet, from suddenly freezing when shocked in real life to the likes of Goat Simulator. Ready Set Goat! brings a bucketload of goaty goodness to the iPhone, for free. As all fans of fairy tales know, goats are not to be trifled with, and the same is true with our bad-tempered hero in this game. Facing an invasion of evildoers, the goat must jump to avoid attacks (instant death awaits if you fail) and slay the creeps threatening the idyllic valley. It’s an extremely basic but fun game, so while others on this list offer a more prolonged challenge, Ready Set Goat! is perfect for killing a little time.

Free stuff on iPhones is not limited to games, of course. Those with work to do can take ready advantage of free apps to check the weather, transport schedules, or even for receiving and sending faxes.

The Battle of Polytopia

At the other end of the timing scale is The Battle of Polytopia. The player begins in a town at risk of imminent attack and just the one warrior under their control. This cool little strategy game presents the player with 30 turns to try and prepare for the onslaught through exploration, forming partnerships with nearby powers, and improving the technology of your own civilization.

Resources are limited which means players have to be smart when it comes to deciding how to spend their precious time. At the end of a game, players are given a score which provides plenty of incentive to replay and try to do better next time. In addition, you can play a last man (well, civilization) standing game via the domination mode.

That brings us to the end of our quintet of top free iPhone games. There’s a lot of variety and fun to be had, whether you’re after replay value or just have five minutes to kill.

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