MBWhatsApp iOS: What It Is and How to Get iOS WhatsApp for Android?

Vineet Maheshwari

MBWhatsApp iOS is a popular modified version of the WhatsApp messaging application designed specifically for Android devices. It aims to provide an interface and experience similar to WhatsApp on iOS devices, along with additional features and customization options.

What is MBWhatsApp iOS?

MBWhatsApp iOS, also known as MB WhatsApp or MBWA iOS, is a third-party unofficial variant of the official WhatsApp application. It is developed by a developer named Stefano and is based on another popular mod called Fouad WhatsApp.

Some key things to know about MBWhatsApp iOS:

  • It is designed to mimic the look and feel of WhatsApp on iPhones for Android users. This includes visual elements like fonts, icons, chat bubbles, and more.
  • It brings iOS-exclusive features like scheduled messages, hiding online status, locking chats with passwords, etc. to Android devices.
  • It offers better privacy controls and security features compared to the official WhatsApp.
  • The app provides extensive theming options and enhanced customization abilities to personalize the interface.
  • It receives frequent updates from the developer to match new features added to the official WhatsApp application.

MBWhatsApp iOS gives Android users an iPhone-like WhatsApp interface and experience along with extra functionalities not natively available.

Features of MBWhatsApp iOS

Here are some of the most notable features and capabilities offered by MBWhatsApp iOS:

iOS Look and Feel

The default theme of MBWhatsApp iOS provides an interface identical to WhatsApp on iPhones. This even includes visual elements like fonts, chat bubbles, emojis, and more.

Enhanced Privacy

It provides granular control over privacy settings, including hiding online status, hiding blue ticks, locking chats, etc. It also has an anti-ban system.

Scheduled Messages

You can schedule WhatsApp messages to be sent automatically at a specified date and time in the future.


It offers various customization options to personalize chat wallpapers, themes, notification tones and more as per user preferences.

Dual Accounts

MBWhatsApp iOS supports using two WhatsApp accounts on the same device simultaneously.

Larger Media Sharing

You can share media and documents up to 50MB directly in chats instead of the 16MB limit on official WhatsApp.

Message Scheduler

This feature allows scheduling WhatsApp messages in advance to be delivered at a chosen date and time automatically even when offline.

No Forwarded Label

The “forwarded” label added to forwarded messages can be disabled in message settings.

How to Download and Install MBWhatsApp iOS on Android

Here is a step-by-step guide to download and install MBWhatsApp iOS APK on your Android device:

  1. Uninstall the existing WhatsApp application from your Android device if you have it installed. This is recommended to avoid conflicts.
  2. Download the latest version of the MBWhatsApp iOS APK file from trusted sources online.
  3. Enable “Install from unknown source” in your Android device settings if not already enabled. This allows installing third-party APK files.
  4. Install the downloaded MBWhatsApp APK file on your device by opening it and following the on-screen instructions.
  5. Upon first launch, enter your phone number to verify it just like when registering a WhatsApp account.
  6. Restore your existing WhatsApp data and chat history when prompted.

MBWhatsApp iOS app should now be ready to use on your Android device with all features unlocked to offer an iPhone-like WhatsApp experience.

Pros and Cons of Using MBWhatsApp iOS

Here are some notable pros and cons to consider about using MBWhatsApp iOS instead of the official WhatsApp application:


  • Enhanced features like scheduling messages, hiding online status etc.
  • Extensive privacy controls and security options
  • Highly customizable chat interface
  • iOS-like look and feel for Android devices
  • Frequent updates from the developer


  • Possibility of getting banned from WhatsApp
  • Potential bugs and stability issues
  • Lacks support compared to the official app
  • Certain features may stop working unexpectedly

MBWhatsApp iOS trades off some risks for extra functionality and customization in enhancing the WhatsApp experience on Android beyond what the platform natively offers.


MBWhatsApp iOS brings an iPhone’s WhatsApp experience to Android with its iOS-inspired interface and exclusive features. It provides greater customization abilities and privacy controls for an enhanced messaging experience compared to standard WhatsApp.

However, being an unofficial modded APK, it has risks like potential bans, bugs and lacks support channels. Use discretionally at your own risk after evaluating the pros and cons.

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