Marvel Depth Effect Wallpapers For iOS 16 Lock Screen


As a Marvel fan, I love to keep my iPhone lock and home screen with Marvel characters like Caption America, Spiderman, Ironman, and more. But the natural charm added to my iPhone lock screen when Apple introduced the depth effect wallpaper feature on iOS 16. After installing iOS 16, the Marvel 3D image adds an enchanting look to my iPhone lock screen.

If you are also a Marvel geek looking for some cool Marvel depth effect wallpaper for the iOS 16 lock screen, here we have collected HD Marvel wallpapers with depth effects, including every Marvel hero and villain. Without further ado, let’s start the hunt.

iOS 16 Depth Effect Wallpapers For Marvel Fan

1. Spiderman

2. Thor

3. Iron man

4. Doctor Strange

5. Black Widow

6. Loki

7. Moon Knight

8. Wanda

9. Deadpool

10. Groot

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