How To Fix Live Voicemail iOS 17 Not Working


Live Voicemail is one of the coolest new features in iOS 17, providing real-time transcriptions of voicemails as they’re being left. Super handy, right? But what if like voicemail on working on iOS? Thankfully, we have the working methods to get rid of this issue with the proper guide.

 From adjusting settings to resetting your network, we’ll help you figure out why Live Voicemail is on the fritz. And if all else fails, updating to the latest iOS version usually does the trick. So read on for tips and tricks to fix Live Voicemail on your iPhone and start enjoying this game-changing feature. Let’s do this!

How to Activate Live Voicemail on iOS 17

Follow these steps to toggle the Live Voicemail feature on or off according to your preference:

  1. Tap on the Phone app on your iPhone.
  2. Locate the Live Voicemail feature and toggle it on or off based on your preference.

Live Voicemail is enabled by default in iOS 17. However, if you choose not to use this feature, you can easily disable it.

How To Fix Live Voicemail Issues on iOS 17

Experiencing issues with Live Voicemail on iOS 17? Here are potential solutions to address the problem:

  • Close and Re-run the Phone App: Close the Phone app and restart it to refresh the system.
  • Reboot Your iPhone: Restart your iPhone to reset any glitches affecting the Live Voicemail functionality.
  • Check Settings: Ensure Live Voicemail is turned on in the Settings app under Phone.
  • Reset Voicemail Settings: Reset your voicemail settings to rectify any configuration errors.
  • Reset Network Settings: Reset your network settings to ensure smooth voicemail operation.
  • Verify Contact’s Voicemail Setup: Confirm the contact’s voicemail is set up correctly to avoid disruptions.
  • Update iOS: Ensure you have the latest iOS version installed to benefit from enhancements, including Live Voicemail.

Wrapping Up

Enhance your iPhone voicemail experience by utilizing the Live Voicemail feature in iOS 17. Follow the steps to activate it and troubleshoot any issues you might encounter. Stay updated with the latest iOS version to make the most of this incredible feature.

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