10 Best Live Cricket Streaming Apps For iPhone


When it comes to sports streaming platforms, there are plenty available online. However, if you are specifically looking for live cricket streaming apps for your iPhone, we have good news for you.

Given the rising popularity of cricket among the masses, more and more people are now finding it easier to watch the match on their iPhones instead of on the television or the field.

Owing to that, there has been a sharp rise in the availability of streaming platforms online. This article will walk you through the list of the top live cricket streaming apps for your iPhone .

Best Live Cricker Streaming Apps For iPhone

1.      Live Cricket TV HD

The Live Cricket TV HD is hands down one of the best streaming platforms you will get for your iPhone in 2022. It is developed by Sports Stream and brings you direct access to some of the absolute best matches live on your iPhone. No longer will you have to rely on the television or laptop to be able to stream your favorite cricket matches.

The app is 100% free, so all you need to do is find it on the App Store and download it to your iPhone. The streams are all in HD quality, which prevents risks of distortions and unnecessary issues with the resolution of the streams.

2.      Sony LIV

You can’t go wrong with a Sony-developed streaming platform and Sony LIV lives up to the expectations. It isn’t solely a cricket streaming platform but the good thing is that it brings you closer to sports and entertainment – all packed in one.

Not only can you subscribe to this app for live cricket streaming, but you can also leverage it for watching movies, web series, and live television as well.

3.      Cricket Australia live

Cricket Australia is one of the leading cricket streaming platforms that’s available for your iPhone. With over a million downloads, the app specializes in hosting live cricket matches for you to stream in real time without any hassle. It hosts both international and domestic matches, so you get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

To use the Cricket Australia Live app, ensure that you confirm your subscription to the Kayo streaming platform. Besides live cricket, the platform also has a live radio option you can look into.

4.      Jio TV

If you are from India and you use the Jio SIM, you can install Jio TV to watch live cricket matches for free. This is one of the few online streaming apps that doesn’t have a separate subscription charge if you use the native SIM card in your iPhone.

Like Sony LIV, even Jio TV is a multipurpose platform, which means that you can use it for videos, movies, TV shows, web series, and obviously for your cricket streaming experience.

5.      Tata Sky Mobile

Known for its dish connections, Tata Sky mobile is another app that enables you to stream your favorite cricket match directly on your iPhone without needing a television. With this single app, you get to carry your television in the comfort of your pocket.

With over 600 TV channels and different additional features, Tata Sky mobile is one of those few applications you can directly install and use to view your favorite live cricket match without any hassle at all.

6.      Willow TV

One of the most offbeat applications that can enable you to watch live cricket matches is Willow TV. It brings the latest cricketing action directly to your smartphone. Not just for iPhones, the app is also functional on Android devices.

The best feature of this app is the reminder and alert. With this, you get to set reminders for an upcoming match that you wish to watch. It isn’t a free app, so you will need the Willow TV subscription to be able to stream your favorite live cricket match with ease.

7.      Super Sport

Although exclusively available in South Africa, Super Sport is one of the few live cricket streaming platforms that host a variety of sports. It isn’t just limited to cricket and allows you to stream other popular sports like golf, hockey, football, tennis, etc.

You can keep up with all the international cricket events and matches that are currently taking place and even keep track of the scores in real time. If you don’t want to miss out on updates, the app has a separate feature where you can set individual reminders.

8.      OSN Play

Next up is OSN Play, which is exclusively available for users in the Middle East and North Africa. Like Super Sport, even this is a versatile app that hosts a variety of different sports, including hockey, tennis, golf, etc. You can also stream your favorite cricket tournaments right from the app, which is a benefit too.

Again, it isn’t a free service, which means that you need to pay to be able to avail of the services. Also, once you have the subscription, you can use one subscription on two devices.

9.      ESPN

When it comes to talking about sports streaming, there’s nothing that beats ESPN. This television channel now has an app that allows you to install it on your iPhone and enjoy your favorite match without any complaints at all. It is accessible across South and Central America.

From keeping up with the cricket match in real-time, you also get to keep yourself updated about the highlights, and scorecard, as well. There are premium sports articles and exclusive news that you get to access when you subscribe.

10. Disney+ Hotstar

Last but not least is Disney+ Hotstar. It is one of the leading streaming platforms in India, a lot similar to Sony LIV. The benefit of using this app is that it allows you to stream your favorite sports content alongside your favorite shows as well.

The platform has free and paid versions. For live streaming of cricket matches, you do need access to the paid subscription version, so keep that in check without fail.


These are some of the most popular sports streaming platforms for watching live cricket matches on your iPhone in 2022. What we’d recommend you do is check the individual apps and then pick the option that you think would fit your needs the best.

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