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IOS 16 has a lot of potentials and brought some amazing new features for iPhone devices. Giving iPhone lock screen new look and keeping you up to date on every single activity, live activity surely stole the spotlight of lock screen customization. While the beta run was going on of iOS 16, live activities were one feature that was not tested on the beta version as it was lacking in the development process. And since Apple failed to launch the live activity feature with iOS 16, it was later on released with iOS 16.1 update. Additionally, not every app supports live activity features. Let us see which apps support live activities on iOS 16 in India.

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Live activities iOS 16.1

The live activities feature is made in such a way that it will keep updating you the real time information if you have added its widget on the lock screen. Let’s say you have ordered food online and want to keep track of your order. Since the live activity feature came, you don’t need to open the app to get live details of your order. This feature will show all the updates in just one notification. Where is your order, how long will it take, is it out or delivered, is it already delivered, all in just one notification on your lock screen all than to live activity feature.

Activities like live tracking of your order, timers, taxi ride tracking apps such as ola and uber, sports score tracking, etc, are best used with the live activity feature. If you are having iPhone 14 pro then you can have the best experience with the live activity through the dynamic island feature.

Live Activities iOS 16 apps India

When Live Activities are enabled in iOS 16.1, all the applications that are supported by this feature must be updated to use them. If you’ve recently updated to iOS 16.1 and want to see which Live Activities are supported in India, then start with this application which is compatible with the live activity feature. The list of apps given below was listed in the release notes of Apple when iOS 16.1 was released. There are many apps that were not listed at that time but are now compatible with the live activity feature. Uber, Zomato, and Swiggy is one common example that was not listed in the release notes but it is expected to be compatible with the live activity soon.

  • Bolt – Workout & Gym Planner.
  • Track coming storms with Carrot Weather.
  • Coffee Book:save time with the help of the timers.
  • Crouton: Cooking Assistant: recipes at its finest and a helping guide for your kitchen.
  • View and organize exercises using the Fat Burn Tracker.
  • Track your exercises with the FITIV Pulse Heart Rate Monitor.
  • Don’t miss any updates on your flight with Flighty – Fast Flight Tracker.
  • Time Management – Focus: Review your Focus Session.
  • Smart Shopping List for Grocery:save time by having a partner with whom you create your shopping list.
  • Liftin’ Workout Tracker: View your most recent workout.
  • Lock Launcher: Use the Lock screen to launch applications.
  • LookUp: English dictionary: Access recently searched terms as well as search and scan tools.
  • MD Clock – Timepiece Timers is a widget.
  • MoneyCoach Budget & Spendings: Keep track of your money and how much you’ve spent in and where.
  • Ski & Snowboard Slopes: Track your stats in real time.
  • Structured – Daily Planner: Check out the countdown timers.
  • Time’s up- Visual Timer: Manage and track timers

That’s it, folks! All these apps were listed in the release notes and you can find these apps on the App Store if you are looking to install them on your device. there are many other third party applications that are supported by the Indian server such as blinkit, instamart, amazon, etc, but currently, it is not supported by live activities. It is expected that Apple will soon release support for these third party applications soon.

Until next time, with another topic. Till then, Toodles.

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