Lesser-Known Games to Play on Your iPhone


The idea of your iPhone being an effective gaming console is nothing new at this point – with even some of the latest console experiences like Assassin’s Creed Mirage and Death Stranding coming to some models. However, with all of these popular choices to choose from, there will inevitably be some underrated experiences that sink to the bottom.

If you’re someone who is familiar with mobile gaming on your iPhone at this point, this can provide you with an opportunity to go back and revisit these forgotten classics. On the other hand, coming in fresh means that you get the widest scope possible to find what you really enjoy about the medium.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR)

With the recently announced remake of this classic role-playing game undergoing some turbulent development, it’s worth going back and understanding why the original is so beloved. BioWare was once known as a major and prominent developer of RPGs, and several of their titles from around this time are highly acclaimed – Baldur’s Gate and its sequel, as well as Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect afterward. KOTOR is still held in high regard even among that crowd, though, with memorable characters and a unique but identifiably Star Wars story. In fact, this game established its own slice of lore that featured another sequel and even an MMO down the line, which speaks to how strongly it resonated with fans.

Slot Games

While slots themselves aren’t a game that’s particularly unknown or niche, their placement as a video game might be. That perception is changing with the presence of online casinos, but it’s platforms like spincasino.com that arguably bring these kinds of games much closer in line on iPhones with what else is available on the mobile gaming market. The presence of RPG-esque characters, slot game varieties that feature different game modes, and audio-visual design that utilizes the format all add to this image. Even the presence of payment doesn’t break the mold due to the presence of microtransactions in several other mobile games, as well as console and PC titles – this platform buttresses that, too, by making multiple ways to pay a positive feature. Apple Pay may also feature on this platform for easy on-the-go gaming.

FTL: Faster Than Light

Another aspect of mobile gaming that many people might not consider is the fact that there is a wealth of indie games available, some of which are unavailable for console. The much-acclaimed FTL: Faster Than Light is one such title, a genre-defining rogue-lite that saw a great deal of praise and attention back when indie games were gaining more and more attention.

While the scope and design of the game are restrained by modern standards, it has an elegance that manages to provoke the imagination through its setting and soundtrack. The randomization of any given run provides the game with a great deal of replayability, and if you’re looking for something that encourages a strategic approach, this might be for you. With any given run taking up to two hours, this can be an ideal way to pass a long journey.

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