Is It Safe to Update to iOS 13.3? Let’s Find Out

By Gustavo

Since the landing of iOS 13 at the September event with the newer iPhone 11 models, we have seen many bugs and glitches with every next iOS 13 updates. But now, Apple’s latest iOS 13.3 released as the eighth rapid-fire update of iOS 13.

After the arrival of the latest iOS 13.3, many iOS users with iOS 13 update is asking whether it is safe to update to iOS 13.3 or not. So if you are the one is also yet didn’t upgrade to iOS 13.3 and waiting for everyone’s answer to install it or not, then here we are gonna tell you everything about it.

Apple’s main motive to release iOS 13.3 is to fix more and more bugs as possible and add some missing features that people have been waiting for. Event Apple knew that iOS 13 was very buggy, and they already started planning to improve iOS version with Christmas iOS 13.3 update.

Honestly, the new iOS 13.3 update is not that bad. It really did fix many fugs and added new from improved Screen Time parental controls that allow parents to set limits on whom and when their children can call, text, or FaceTime, to native support for FIDO-compliant security keys, like the YubiKey. Also, the performance and battery life of the device has also been improved pretty well compared to previous versions.

On the other hand, few users have a terrible experience with iOS 13.3 as they tweeted about the problem in mobile data connection as well as few have reported that the battery life of the device is kept decreasing after the iOS 13.3 update. Also, CNBC reported that there is also a bug in the Parental Control feature as a child can easily bypass the parental wall on iOS 13.3 and also Apple confirmed that they are working in it.

Well, most of the iOS users are very happy with the Apple’s latest iOS 13.3 update as it fixed some long-standing bugs and they are impressed with the new feature to set parental control on-screen menu, physical security, enable/ disable Memoji stickers, and save edited clip as a new features of iOS 13.3 update.

If you are planning to install iOS 13.3 update on your iPhone, then you can do it right now as we didn’t prompt with any issue yet. Once after updating to the latest iOS 13.3 update, please do not forget to share your feedback about the iOS 13.3 update. You are free to share everything about iOS 13.3 through the comment section below. Stay tuned to get more updates!

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By Gustavo
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