Is iOS 17.3 Safe to Install?


Yes, iOS 17.3 is considered safe and even comes with significant security enhancements. One of the key features of this update is the Stolen Device Protection, which adds an extra layer of security when your iPhone is away from familiar locations. This feature helps prevent someone who has stolen your device and knows your passcode from accessing stored passwords and credit cards, changing your Apple ID password, signing out of your Apple ID, and updating Apple ID account security settings.

Security Fixes

iOS 17.3 provides fixes for 16 disclosed security vulnerabilities. The most serious issue, CVE-2024-23222, was being actively exploited in the wild. This WebKit bug could have allowed malicious web content to execute arbitrary code on your device.

The update also addressed two other WebKit flaws, a Kernel vulnerability, and additional important fixes across the system. Installing 17.3 patches these holes used by hackers and cybercriminals.

New Protection Features

On top of the usual bug patches, iOS 17.3 brings a powerful new security capability – Stolen Device Protection. When enabled, this prevents someone with your passcode from accessing sensitive info if your iPhone is away from familiar locations.

Stolen Device Protection blocks unauthorized users from viewing passwords and credit cards, changing your Apple ID password, signing out of your account, and modifying your security settings. This protects your data if your device is lost or stolen.

To use this feature, you must set up two-factor authentication, a device passcode, Face/Touch ID, Find My, and Significant Locations. It provides an extra layer of protection on top of existing security measures.

Should You Update?

Given the security enhancements and fixes for known exploitation, iOS 17.3 is considered safe and highly recommended. Make sure to back up your device first. Then navigate to Settings > General > Software Update to install the latest iOS version. Keeping your iPhone up-to-date ensures you have the most secure and protected device possible.

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